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One of the persistent complaints about For HonorĀ is now being addressed, as Ubisoft have announced that the game will migrate to dedicated servers. That should provide much better stability than the existing peer-to-peer method, and end the issue of session host migration (when the game pauses as someone leaves the match).

Switching to dedicated servers is going to be a long process, however. Today, Ubisoft have also outlined two forthcoming ‘Seasons’ (3 and 4) for For Honor that will appear in August and November 2017 respectively. Dedicated servers are listed for “further down the road”, which almost certainly means 2018. On the roadmap image (below, click for larger), the ‘Server Migration’ box is kind of hovering outside of any of the planned additions.

Those additions include two new maps and heroes in the August update, as well as a beta test for a new Duel tournament. Then, in November, there’ll be a new 4v4 PvP game mode and an extension of ranked matches to 4v4 games. Plus two more new heroes and maps, and a redesigned Training mode. Have a look at the image for a summary of what else is to come.

for honor season 3 and 4

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