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Just this past August, we were introduced to Hood: Outlaws & Legends. It’s a medieval action heist game from what we can tell, which offers players with a choice between several classes to allow for different playstyles. There are at least four classes that we know of so far. Those include the Ranger, Mystic, Brawler, and Hunter. Each class features a unique character that fits into the world and lore of Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Therefore, Focus Home Interactive released four new trailers today to give each character a moment in the spotlight and to set expectations for their motivations for turning into outlaws.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends takes place in a world where authoritarianism dominates society. We see this setup in plenty of games these days, but the medieval spin on things is decidedly different. Unlike the future where technology allows oppressive regimes to track every movement of its citizens, Hood features plenty of opportunities for dissent. Of course things are far from simple, and the consequences of dissent are met with far more barbaric solutions. We see in the many trailers that the characters are impacted by various acts of ruthlessness and pointless slaughter. All in the name of maintaining unwavering power and control.


Down with the State

The trailers are relatively simple. Each depicts the conflicts that led to each character taking up arms against the State. Hood himself falls into the Ranger class and has been up to mischief for some time. He’s largely revered and certainly matches the archetype of a Robinhood character. The next character is Marianne the Hunter. She witnesses the pointless slaughter of her father by a group of blood-thirsty soldiers. One doesn’t need more motivation than that to become disenfranchised with the government.

Next is Tooke the Mystic. He served the State for a period of his life, but eventually became disgusted over the false allegations and senseless torture. Leaving government service isn’t exactly an option, so he became an outlaw. Last is John the Hunter. He grew up as the son of a blacksmith and always enjoyed a good brawl. Like the others, he doesn’t care much for the oppressive government and gladly joins the fight against tyranny. John may fancy getting rich as well.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends seems like the kind of game that will benefit from more characters over time. We have four for now, but that certainly could be enough if they are balanced, unique, and fun to play. We’re still waiting on gameplay footage, but this could be a great entry in the heist genre. The game is slated to release sometime in 2021.

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