Hood Outlaws & Legends Robin Best Perks Abilities Guide

Marianne is the only female character in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. It takes a while to get used to her capabilities, but her skill in assassination is unmatched. Anyway, here’s our Hood: Outlaws & Legends guide to help you with Marianne’s perks and abilities, as well as a few combat tips.

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends guide – Marianne’s abilities, ideal perks, and combat tips

Marianne has the following traits and abilities:

  • Shroud (ability) – Become undetectable by guards and nearly invisible to other players.
  • Smoke Bomb (gear) – Obscures visibility and prevents tagging; causes guards to choke.
  • Shadow (trait) – Can perform assassinations on guards from any direction as long as you’re concealed by bushes, smoke, or invisibility.
  • Hand Crossbow (weapon) – A medium-range weapon that can either fire a single bolt or a multi-shot that uses three bolts.

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Marianne’s perks

Here are some suggestions for Marianne’s perks in Hood: Outlaws & Legends:

  • Efficient Assassin (slot 1, level 2) – Assassinations are quicker to perform, grant extra ability recharge, and additional XP.
  • Roving Rogue (slot 1, level 5) – Increased crouched movement speed; retrieving ammo from the environment is easier and you gain extra ammo as well.
  • Territorial Thief (slot 2, level 3) – Grants a fully-charged ability meter at the start of the match; faster claiming of capture points; slower chest extraction.
  • Phantom Stalker (slot 2, level 9) – While the Shroud ability is active, visibility is further reduced, and crouched movement speed is increased.
  • Silent Slaughter (slot 3, level 4) – Assassinations performed while the Shroud ability is active replenish the meter and prolong the duration.

Note: Efficient Assassin and Territorial Thief should last you a while as Marianne. Later, though, you can consider swapping to Roving Rogue and/or Phantom Stalker to help with crouched movement speed.

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Tips when playing as Marianne

Although Marianne is a ranged character because of her weapon, you should just think of her as a hybrid or rogue-type class. True, her hand crossbow is useful in a pinch. However, delaying it for a multi-shot can cause you to miss rapidly moving targets.

Still, what makes her shine is her ability to just assassinate almost everyone she sees with sheer impunity. The idea is to waylay guards to recharge your meter faster. Then, once you’re facing enemy players, the goal is to circle strafe around them. Follow that up by crouching and spamming the “E” button for an assassination. Yes, it’s very cheesy, but it gets the job done. Heck, if you have Silent Slaughter, you can even perform chain assassinations against multiple hostiles.

Just remember that enemy players still see a faint outline when the Shroud ability is active. Likewise, smart opponents will have their backs to a wall to avoid getting stabbed to death.

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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