Hood Outlaws & Legends Robin Best Perks Abilities Guide

Robin is one of the characters that you can choose in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Due to fairly straightforward handling, one can think of this marksman as a beginner-friendly ranged character. Anyway, here’s our Hood: Outlaws & Legends guide to help you with Robin’s perks and abilities, as well as a few combat tips.

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends guide – Robin’s abilities, ideal perks, and combat tips

Robin has the following traits and abilities:

  • Farsight (ability) – Upon activation, your next shot will be an ethereal arrow that explodes shortly after impact.
  • Flash Grenade (gear) – This special grenade blinds targets for a short duration.
  • Scout (trait) – Target tags last longer.
  • Longbow (weapon) – You can aim then shoot for a “quickfire” shot. Also, you can charge the shot (hold left-click) for pinpoint accuracy.

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Robin’s perks

Here are some suggestions for Robin’s perks in Hood: Outlaws & Legends:

  • Reticent Recon (slot 1, level 2): Bonus XP for killing objective carriers; faster climbing and claiming of capture points; slows down chest extraction.
  • Focused Flight (slot 1, level 8): Longshot kills fill the ability meter faster based on the target’s range. This should be your pick later on after leveling up a bit.
  • Scavenger (slot 2, level 3): Increases the ammo you gain from assassinations.
  • Broadhead (slot 2, level 10): Arrows will not break and have increased damage from charged shots; lowers short-range accuracy and quickfire (non-charged shot) damage.
  • Elemental Arrow (slot 3, level 9): The ethereal arrow explodes after a shorter duration.
  • Mercurial Arrow (slot 3, level 10): The ethereal arrow explodes on impact but has a shorter range.

Note 1: It’s really up to you whether you want to go with Elemental Arrow or Mercurial Arrow. Just remember that the latter causes an instant explosion, so you don’t want to be close to your intended target.

Note 2: Although there are a few perks that improve Robin’s melee capabilities (i.e., Forceful Fighter and Razor Gauntlets), these come at a cost to his ranged capabilities and ammo count. If you really need to pick one, then Forceful Fighter combined with Scavenger should still be fine.

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Tips when playing as Robin

If you’re playing as Robin in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, make sure that you’re quite far from your enemies. You’ll get whomped too easily in melee range that it’s not even a joke (i.e., Marianne can combo you, and John/Tooke will just smack you around).

Your goal is to tag hostiles as often as possible, sniping and assassinating them when you can. Likewise, you’ll want to protect your teammates by covering hallways while they’re carrying the chest, or staying off to the sides to pick off the enemy team as they approach your extraction point.

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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