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Every week, Epic Games Store has offered a great free game for players to add to that collection. Now that we know this program will continue through 2020, there’s no better time to hop on board than this week. That’s because the indie favorite Horace is up for grabs. Released by 505 Games in 2019, the game is available for the next few days at no additional charge.

Why is Horace worth picking up?

Along with earning a nod from us with our 2019 Alternative Awards, Horace also won over a huge audience during its release. 

Created by Paul Helman and Sean Scaplehorn, this platformer features a number of surprises. Along with challenging levels that will keep you on your toes, there’s something bigger at play here — a great story. It revolves around robot Horace reuniting with his family and what it takes to get him to that point. Along the way, he’ll unlock “Metroidvania-inspired robot abilities” to lend him a hand.

The game follows the “small robot on a big adventure” as he works his way through a number of dangerous scenarios. Along the way, he’ll meet some memorable folks, and the game includes “nostalgic pop culture references” if you’re into that. The game offers “15 hours of exciting platforming” and pushes the limits with its creative level design. But it never stops being a romp when it comes to good retro-themed fun.

You can download the game at Epic Games Store. Check out the trailer below if you need a reminder of just how rad it is. There’s a reason why so many people — us included — consider it one of last year’s best indie games.

In the meantime, we’re not sure which game Epic will offer up next for free. But you have a few days to snag this one, so be like Horace. Don’t dilly-dally!

Robert Workman
Robert is a 20-plus year veteran in the video game industry, bringing his gaming and writing skills to the table. Plus he can probably take you in Tekken if he's having a good day.

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