Horizon Zero Dawn patch 1.04 aims to resolve crashing on PC

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.01 Fixes Some Issues, But Problems Persist

Since Horizon Zero Dawn arrived on PC earlier this summer, players have reported numerous issues surrounding the port. In the time since, developer Guerrilla Games has released multiple patches aiming to solve these issues, with only limited success. Now, patch 1.04 is out and yet again aims to resolve persisting crashing issues for PC players.

In a Steam blog post, the developer detailed the full patch notes. Headlining the changes is the known issues section, which relates mainly to various PC configurations. Guerrilla says they’ve implemented changes to issues surrounding an out of memory error, graphical settings issues (such as Anisotropic Filtering or HDR errors), general performance issues, and a glitch with Aloy’s hair when the game is running above 30 FPS.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.01 Fixes Some Issues, But Problems Persist

Following that, the developer gets into the problems surrounding crashes on PC. These include a startup crash, various AI-related crashes, a settings menu crash, photo mode problems, a crash related to WorldData sampling and more. These crashes seem to be the crux of the issue for PC players, being the most common cause for complaint with the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Picking up the pace

Elsewhere, the patch does improve the game’s performance in certain areas. There’s a general improvement to CPU performance (which translates to about 10%) and better performance for certain camera cuts in conversations and cinematics. This means that your system spec should be able to get a little more out of Horizon Zero Dawn after patch 1.04.

Finally, there’s a small section on various other changes. The HDR implementation should now turn in better results and some mouse aiming controls have been improved. Various other visual issues have been resolved too, like geometry and texture pop-in during cutscenes, blinking artifacts with volumetric effects, disappearing geometry after streaming in areas and and lighting glitches during Adaptive Performance mode.

Patch 1.04 is out now for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC.

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