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Fire Emblem Engage features a lot of battles. There are so many, many battles. Between skirmishes, the characters head back to The Somniel for some well-earned relaxation. In that hub area, the main character can hand out gifts as one way to increase support bonds, which in turn leads to superior performance in battle. Characters have their preferences, as well as gifts to which they, well, say neigh. Here is our guide to the horse manure gift in Fire Emblem Engage.

Horse manure gift explained – Fire Emblem Engage

Over the course of the the campaign, your characters will go through a lot of manure. It appears on the ground as a glowing point. From a distance, you can’t tell it apart from more welcome items such as Silver Ingot or a Spirit Stone or whatever else. Most commonly, you’ll find it in front of the stables in The Somniel, where the horses smugly watch as you gather their tokens of esteem. They are proud of what they’ve done.

The best use for the horse manure gift is as a gag gift. It serves no purpose otherwise. You can hand it over to any friendly character in The Somniel. They will respond with a comment to let you know what they think of your largesse.

Fire Emblem Engage Grateful Zelkov Receives Horse Manure

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Typically, characters regard any gift you give them as a sign you care enough to get a feel for what they like and what they don’t. The self-evident truth is that no one much cares for a steaming pile of horse dung, except possibly a gardener.

You can have fun passing out horse manure as a time waster. There are no apparent repercussions. You can always replenish your supply after the next battle. Just search around The Somniel for glowing patches along the ground. When you add a new party member, the horse manure can be a rite of initiation. Just don’t expect anyone to thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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Fire Emblem Engage can be purchased on the Nintendo Store.

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