Hot Shots Golf: World International Vita Review

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Clap Hanz Limited
Release Date: February 14, 2012 (NA)
System: PS Vita



Since The original Playstation we’ve been treated to numerous iterations of Hot Shots Golf on every Playstation console. With the launch of the Vita the trend continued and what Clap Hanz Limited delivered was a polished title that incorporates just about everything we’ve seen from them before. This is a review Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational for the PS Vita.


Getting this screenshot was a drag!

Getting this screenshot was a drag!

That’s New!

Immediately noticeable is that along with buttons, you can now make all of your selections by touching the screen. Not that big of a deal now that the Vita has been around for a year but at launch it was quite an impressive feature.

During gameplay you’ll soon find other features that are only possible on the Vita. Using the rear and front touchscreens you can use two fingers to pick up your player and place them where you’d like on the tee. (It is almost impossible to get a screenshot of this by yourself, they should’ve made it a trophy.)

I can see my house from here.

I can see my house from here.

The Vita’s rear camera has been implemented during gameplay so that now you can replace the background with whatever your camera sees. This in conjunction with a number of camera views gives you a degree of control that’s new and unique to this version of Hot Shots. You can even move the Vita in all directions to admire your surroundings in 360 degrees.

Rounding out the newest features are the ability to use both touchscreen to analyze info for your next shot and motion control to add power to your shots. With all that has been added, you’ll be pleased to know that none of it is forced on the user. You can enjoy a traditional Hot Shots Golf experience if that’s what you’re looking for.

On the Links

Never has the game looked as good as it does on the Vitas bright OLED screen. The courses are alive with activity and there are new details you’ll notice as you unlock new courses. As you progress you will unlock a number of shot methods, you’ll still have the option of the original linear bar but that is unlocked last.On the Links

As you’d expect in an arcade game, gameplay is forgiving but that is not to say that this is a title strictly for kids. Wind, terrain, the choice of clubs and balls when considered greatly effect your success on the links.

Modes of Play

There are a number of single and multiplayer modes but nothing strays too far away from…golf. Online, players populate lobbies in which their avatars can congregate and kick around a soccer ball, chat about matches, or just run around and act a fool.

The lobbies don't look like this.

The lobbies don’t look like this.

What I find disappointing is the change in format regarding the Daily International Tournaments. Early on there used to be three tournaments that the community could enter every day at their leisure. The following day you could then see how you compare to everyone else that entered. Those are gone! Now whenever I check the tournaments I’m greeted to a sign telling me when the next tournament is being held. I’m yet to see how these new tournaments work but already they’ve made it not as fun to come back everyday to see the new challenges.

Daily Tournaments aside, playing against other players is a painless experience as far as golf goes. So long as you take your shots promptly you can on the other participants doing the same. Their connections have no real affect on your experience.

Create more outfits after buying wardrobe slots from the shop.

Create more outfits after buying wardrobe slots from the shop.

Hot Shots Shop

Just made a hole-in-one? You wont go unrewarded! With all you do on the courses you accumulate points which you then use to buy courses, music, characters, concept art and so on from the in-game shop.concept art

There’s also a Japanese style vending machine in which you use points to randomly unlock items for your avatar. This is accompanied by a percentage so you can keep racking up points until you collect everything.

Swing and a Miss or Hole-in-One?

I’ll say again that the old Daily Tournament format was a reason to come back and play everyday. Still, at the discounted price and with everything else intact, this is a worthy entry in the Hot Shots universe.

Still room to improve.

Still room to improve.


+ Beautiful visuals
+ Touch interface
+ Online features

– Changed Daily Tournament format



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