Or, to put it in a slightly more expansive way, HotHead Games have announced a third DeathSpank title (The Baconing) and something to do with The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.
They’ve released more information about the former game, so let’s go with that one first. The Baconing is promising “countless gameplay improvements” to the first two DeathSpanks, such as more puzzles, better combat, greater variety of quests and all the usual shiny claims a sequel will make when it’s following a good-but-not-great title.

Our hero will be looking for the Fires of Bacon with a new sidekick, Bob from Marketing. Yes. Together, they will have to face up to the Anti-Spank … whoever that turns out to be.
The Baconing will be a digital download for PC, Mac, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. It’s due “this summer” (so … now?) You can read our reviews of the first two DeathSpank titles here, and here.
Are you ready for a game with almost no information released about it now? Ok, great. HotHead has also mentioned that they’re working on something to do with The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (Douglas Adam’s radio play/book/text adventure game/average film). They’re not really prepared to tell anyone many details of this yet though.
All we have is a pretty ‘under construction’ website and a vague press release combining HotHead’s name with Hitchhiker’s.
Source: hotheadgames.com, thenewhitchhikersguide.com

Paul Younger
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