Officially sanctioned by Dennaton, a stand-alone Hotline Miami mod/conversion called Midnight Animal is now looking for verification through Steam Greenlight.

Midnight Animal takes place twenty years after the events of Hotline Miami 2, and has a totally new storyline, masks, weapons, levels; the works, basically. It’ll be released on 18 August free of charge (regardless of how this Greenlight push goes). You won’t need to own either of the prior Hotline Miami games, though obviously some familiarity with them (and their stories) will help.

Lead developer Spencer Yan says Midnight Animal will be much more difficult than the original Hotline Miami, but on-par with the second game.

He also offers heartfelt thanks to Jonatan Soderstrom and Dennis Wedin from Dennaton, “first, for creating the very game which inspired my career; but even more so, for having the generosity to not just allow me to make this game as a tribute to a series which I love so much, but also for letting me release it to so many others as well.”

Here’s Midnight Animal in motion.

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