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House of Ashes – The Daylight finale

Let’s talk about the Daylight finale in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes.


As the group makes their way back to the surface, everyone will take a breather. Helicopters will arrive soon (assuming you called for Air Support or if Merwin repaired the radio).

It looks like everything’s fine until an eclipse occurs.

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Suddenly, multiple alien vampires emerge from the cavern and the group runs back inside one of the villager’s huts. And, yes, for some reason, Supermassive decided that your characters should have an Avengers-esque team pose.

Note: Now would be a good time to make a backup save so you don’t need to redo the entire chapter. You can reload just when things are about to get hectic.

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • The finale in House of Ashes is somewhat similar to what we’ve seen in Little Hope, except you have more control over what happens at this specific stage in the game.
  • A lot of QTE sequences will occur here. These include pressing the correct button, button-mashing, and aim-and-shoot. In some cases, failing one prompt will also lead to a different QTE sequence. You have to make sure that your characters don’t fail two prompts. Otherwise, they’ll end up dead.
  • Every character will have their own QTE sequence against the vampire that they’re fighting.
  • These were the QTE sequences that I saw in order based on my playthrough:
    • Jason – This one happens once the team goes inside the hut (and before the Avengers team pose). A vampire tries to pull him from the ceiling. You need to mash buttons to pull him back down, or he’ll get tossed from a great height.
    • Rachel – A vampire will chomp on Rachel’s neck if you fail.
    • Eric – The monster will punch through his chest.
    • Nick – He’ll get his stomach ripped open before the creature gouges out his eyes.
    • Salim – He’ll get brutally stabbed.
    • Jason – If he didn’t get pulled by the flying vamp, then he gets his face pulped here if you fail.
    • Rachel – This is the last one, so don’t die here.

Note 1: If you didn’t kill Balathu at the end of The Vault, then he’ll attack your group here. Beware since QTE failures will lead to deaths. Balathu will kill a couple of characters and the others will be automatically taken out by the vampires. Oh, and if you do manage to defeat Balathu here, then you still need to fight the vampires.

Note 2: I’ve heard that it’s possible for Kurum (the other Akkadian) to also show up here as a zombie. He’ll team up with Balathu to take out your characters. Unfortunately, I’m not yet sure how to trigger this instance.

After all the QTEs are done, the eclipse will also be over. Let’s go to the next part of our House of Ashes guide to talk about the endings and mid-credits scenes.

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