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House of Ashes Bearings guide: Major decisions during your playthrough

Making the right decisions.
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House of Ashes – Air Support and Semper Fi bearings

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Let’s talk about the Air Support and Semper Fi bearings in House of Ashes.


Air Support bearing

This one seems to be tied to an early-game decision, as well as Merwin’s survival. It might also be related to the ending portion of the game.

  • During The Briefing, you’re asked if you want to call in close-air support (CAS). For this one, I declined to do so.
  • I progressed further in the game until Nick and Jason found Merwin. Throughout multiple chapters and while being chased by creatures, I was able to keep Merwin alive.
  • For instance, I opted not to cover Merwin’s mouth (which would cause him to suffocate). I also went through the slope instead of around it. And, of course, I succeeded in all the QTEs.
  • Later, in The Signal, Merwin rejoins the group as hale and hearty as ever. He’ll repair the radio which allows the squad to call for backup. Unfortunately, he’s shot in the head by Dar. In any case, letting Merwin repair the radio nets you the “So You’re My Technician” achievement.
  • Then, during the Daylight finale and ending, the team will be rescued by helicopters.

Note: The ending will be slightly different if (a) you didn’t call for air support during The Briefing, (b) Merwin died before The Signal, and (c) Salim managed to survive the whole campaign. After taking out the hostiles in the Daylight finale, Salim will thank Jason and leave to return home. Air support would only arrive a bit later to rescue the Americans.

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Semper Fi bearing

The Semper Fi bearing in House of Ashes is one of the coolest in the game. It’s because it involves the bond that can be forged between two people on opposing sides of a war: Salim and Jason.

  • During The Raid, a shepherd will run away from Jason. Don’t shoot him, which will also give Salim pause (which means he won’t end up shooting you).
  • In The Truce, have Nick convince Salim to surrender.
  • At the start of The Horror, everyone will have guns pointed at each other. Try to smoothen the situation by saying that both disparate groups need to unite.

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  • In The Horror – Enemy of my Enemy, have Salim confront the person in the corridor (don’t pick ambush). This will begin the buddy-buddy moment between Salim and Jason. Whoever you’re controlling, make sure you pick the conciliatory or friendly responses.
  • There will also be moments when Salim and Jason need to fight vampires together.
  • In the Semper Fi achievement, Salim gets separated from the group while they’re escaping. As Jason, choose to go back for him. You’ll be up against several vampires once more, so you need to pass the QTEs. If all goes well, you’ll receive the “Semper Fi” achievement.

All right, let’s go to the next part of our House of Ashes guide to talk about The Ancient One and Blood bearings.

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