House of the Dying Sun

House of the Dying Sun was once called Enemy Starfighter and earlier this summer, after the name change, it hit Early Access.

The game has now been released as v1.0 which also comes with a load of updates including a new game difficulty called the Dragon Difficulty. This new challenge unlocks once the campaign completes and only fighter units are available. In this mode, missions are rebalanced with new enemy fleets and loadouts.

A new Flagship Hunt achievement has also been added and it’s dependent on beating the traitor flagship in every mission, a challenge that was thought up by the community.

Other improvements include.

  • Found and fixed several small memory leaks
  • Added option to start missions in the cockpit (as opposed to tactical mode)
  • Several small polish items, such as inbound fleet warp effects
  • Rebalanced subsystem repair times, they’ll often stay disabled for longer
  • Increased ECM pulse damage for allied fighters
  • Buffed shield damage booster effectiveness (now 250%)
  • Tweaked cockpit UI for readability (particularly with off-screen targets)
  • Reworked The Physician mission and encounter skybox
  • Reworked The Quartermaster mission, now with cover
  • Fixed kamikaze behavior for enemy fighters, gave certain fanatics the Kamikaze Chassis upgrade
  • Traitor flagship torpedo launchers may now be disabled

I played House of the Dying Sun the game a bit during Early Acess and really enjoyed it, especially in VR where the game shines. The game is on sale at the moment with 10% of, so if you enjoy space sims and games like Homeworld, you should check this out.


Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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