Eating In Fortnite
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How does Hunger work in LEGO Fortnite Explained

That's right, even minifigures gotta eat.

Considering that LEGO Fortnite is a survival adventure game, it’s unsurprising that you have to eat to stave off your hunger. Here are all the ins and outs of the mechanic for you.

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Getting Hungry in LEGO Fortnite

Getting hungry in Fortnite is a little predictable but is important to know nonetheless.

In the top left is your face and the stats surrounding your character. Around your portrait is a dotted line. These dots represent your hunger, and the more squares that are filled in, the more full you are.

As you exert and perform actions, your hunger will drop, and the squares will empty. Sprinting and performing actions will deteriorate your hunger quicker than just standing idly, so exertion is factored into your hunger level. So, if you’re concerned about food, sprinting around isn’t the way to go.

Getting Raspberries In Lego Fortnite
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When your hunger drops too low, you’ll be hungry. Your picture will change to reflect the urgency of your hunger status.

If you let it drop to zero, then you’ll start starving. There is a rather large grace period between starting to starve and actively suffering from it. Slowly, you’ll lose one point of health. You can actually starve to death in LEGO Fortnite, so make sure to always have food available!

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Finding food and eating in LEGO Fortnite

To prevent yourself from starving in LEGO Fortnite, you must eat food.

Lots of food can be eaten in their unrefined and raw forms, although you’ll get more benefits from preparing and cooking food.

Grill In Lego Fortnite
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Items like raspberries, pumpkins, and corn can be found very easily upon spawning in and can be eaten raw to recover hunger points. Different foods restore different amounts of hunger, and eating also restores health points, too! You can see how much a food item will restore by clicking on them in your inventory.

You’ll need a station like a Grill to start making more complex meals. These meals may require more than just the food itself, but the more complex a meal, the more you’ll benefit from its consumption. Also, prepared meals may provide a boost for some time, like enhanced stamina recovery.

It certainly pays off to eat cooked food, so make sure to have plenty if you go exploring! They’ll also serve to save your life if you get critically injured.

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