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Season Passes are now the new norm, many games have them to add longevity and new content over time. This way the game feels fresh and new, and each season brings new excitement. Blizzard Entertainment announced that Diablo IV will be joining this trend — by featuring a Season Pass — with a two-tiered system: Premium and Free. But Diablo IV won’t have a pay-for-power pass; it’s reserved solely for cosmetics. Regardless of which tier you have, you won’t have any advantages outside of looking better. So, how does the Season Pass in Diablo IV work?

Blizzard has also stated each tier will have separate rewards and, of course, the paid Season Pass will have more.

How the Season Pass tiers work in Diablo IV

The two tiers: Free and Premium

The free Season Pass is the one that players get if they bought the Standard Edition of Diablo IV. It comes with:

  • Cosmetic items.
  • Boosts for seasonal characters and double experience points.
  • $10 worth of in-game currency which players can use to buy cosmetics from the item shop.

The Premium level of the Season Pass includes everything from the free pass, however, it’s much beefier. Along with all the items of the free tier, the Premium Season Pass comes with:

  • Unique cosmetics that are only available in the Premium Pass.
  • Potentially double the amount of in-game currency.
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Can free users upgrade?

If you bought the Standard Edition of Diablo IV and wanted to upgrade to the Premium Season Pass, you can do that. It costs $10 USD, and when you buy it you’ll continue the Season Pass rather than restarting it and get all the rewards to the point you have unlocked. Players who bought either the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game will have access to the Premium Season Pass out of the gate. But be aware that each season will last about three months, and after that, there will be an option to buy the new Season Pass or use to free one.

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