Family Man

Regular life can be uneventful for many. Day in and day out of the same thing; going to work, coming home, eating with the family. It can be boring, but there’s security in that kind of a life. Having that job allows you to sustain your family. Keeping your family happy is what sustains you. But what if that was all taken away? Family Man can show you.

Developed by Broken Bear Games, Family Man throws you in that situation. You work in an office building until one day, you’re unceremoniously fired. You owe a lot of money to the mob and you’ve got 30 days to pay it back. From here, you’re free to do whatever you need to. You can get a job at the local fast food chain flipping burgers. You can take up janitorial work washing floors. Or you can get into more dirty work.

Family Man 2

Breaking worse

In this first-person RPG, you’re tasked with taking on any job you can, getting money any way you can in order to support your family. Your moral compass is the only thing guiding you during Family Man. A reveal trailer shows multiple playstyles with their own consequences. Grinding it out at a low-paying job can earn money but at a much slower pace. Whereas robbing a man of his sailboat can earn you big money, but these illegal jobs can end up pushing your family away.

The graphics are portrayed through simplistic voxel graphics with an emphasis on lighting. True to its RPG roots, there are options when engaging in dialogue. Gameplay looks to include a spectrum, from simulator- style floor washing to shooting and bat-wielding for some of the more dangerous jobs.

Family Man will launch sometime in 2019 for PC. A closed PC beta is coming late 2018 and can be signed up for through the official Family Man Discord.

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