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How many bosses are in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree? All bossed, listed

The most important Soulslike checklist.

If you’re up for a challenge, or want to know generally how far you’ve progressed, you’ll want to know all of the bosses there are to fight in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree (SotE). We’ve listed all the bosses in the game in order.

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Beware of spoilers, Tarnished!

Elden Ring SotE: How many bosses? Answered

There are 32 bosses in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. I’ve split the bosses between field bosses, dungeon bosses, mausoleum bosses, and main bosses:

  • There are 7 field bosses.
  • There are 10 dungeon bosses.
  • There are 4 mausoleum bosses.
  • There are 11 main bosses.

For a grand total of 32 bosses – which is an insane number of bosses for a DLC.

All field bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree

You’ll find these seven bosses out and about as you explore Elden Ring SotE. Make sure to hunt them down! Make sure you have the best early weapons and armor before you face these bosses.

Field boss nameLocationReward(s)
Fallingstar BeastScadu Alus in the HinterlandsGravitational Missile sorcery
Ancient Dragon SenessaxJagged PeakAncient Dragon Smithing Stone
Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
Dryleaf DaneScadu Altus in the Moorth RuinsDane’s Hat
Dryleaf Arts
Ralva the Red BearScadu Altus in Highroad CrossPelt of Ralva Hat
Rugalea the Red BearRauh Ruins BaseRoar of Rugalea incantation
Demi-Human Queen MariggaA secret beach through ravines near
the Cerulean Coast West site of grace.
Star-Lined Sword
Death Rite BirdCharo’s Hidden GraveAsh of War: Ghostflame Call

It may take some exploration to come across them all, but that’s one of the best parts of Elden Ring.

All dungeon bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree

These ten bosses will be found in dungeons across the land of shadows. Tread lightly, Tarnished.

Dungeon boss nameLocationReward(s)
Demi-Human Swordsman OnzeBelurat Gaol in Gravesite PlainDemi-Human Swordsman Yosh Spirit Ashes
Ancient Dragon ManDragon’s Pit in Gravesite PlainDragon Hunter’s Great Katana
Magma WyrmDragon’s Pit in Gravesite PlainAncient Dragon Smithing Stone
Dragon Heart
Death KnightFog Rift Catacombs in Gravesite PlainDeath Knight’s Twin Axes
Crimson Amber Medallion +3
Chief BloodfiendRivermouth Cave in Gravesite PlainBlood Fiend Hexer’s Spirit Ashes
Black Knight EdreddFort of Reprimand in Scadu AltusAsh of War: Aspect of the Crucible: Wings
Curseblade LabirithBonny Gaol in Scadu AltusCurseblade Meera Spirit ashes
LamenterLamenter’s Gaol in Charo’s Hidden GraveLamenter Mask
Death KnightScorpion River Catacombs in Rauh Ruins BaseDeath Knight’s Long Hafted Axe
Cerulean Amber Medallion +3
Jori, Elder InquisitorDarklight Catacombs in Abyssal Woodsbarbed Staff-Spear

With all of these dungeons to spelunk through, I hope you’re ready for some confined spaces!

All mausoleum bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree

There are only four mausoleum bosses in Elden Ring SotE, however their strength more than makes up for it.

Mausoleum boss nameLocationReward(s)
Blackgaol KnightWestern Nameless Mausoleum in Gravesite PlainGreatsword of Solitude
Solitude armor set
Dancer of RanahSouthern Nameless Mausoleum in the Southern ShoreDancing Blade of Ranah
Dancer’s Set
Red BearNorthern Nameless Mausoleum in Gravesite PlainRed Bear’s Claw
Fang Helm and Iron Rivet armor set
RakshasaRecluses’ River Downstream, Scadu AltusRakshasa’s great katana
Rakshasa’s armor set

Make sure to be prepared when entering these mausoleums, Tarnished. These bosses aren’t here to play around.

All main bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Castle Ensis Rellana Flame
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now, for the main event. The 11 main bosses that you’ll have no choice but to fight through. I hope you’re prepared for the journey to come! The order is up to you, but we have a few suggestions for the best ways to start the DLC.

Main boss nameLocationReward(s)
Divine Beast Dancing LionBelurat in Gravesite PlainRemembrance of the Dancing Lion
Dancing Lion Head
Rellana, Twin Moon KnightCastle Ensis in Gravesite PlainRemembrance of the Twin Moon Knight
Putrescent KnightStone Coffin Fissure in Southern ShoreRemembrance of the Putrescent
Commander GaiusShadow Keep, Scadu AltusRemembrance of the Wild Boar Rider
Bayle the DreadJagged PeakHeart of Bayle
Romina, Saint of the BudChurch of the Bud, Rauh RuinsRemembrance of the Saint of the Bud
Messmer the ImpalerShadow Keep in Scadu AltusRemembrance of the Impaler
Scadutree AvatarScadutree Base in Scadu AltusRemembrance of the Shadow Sunflower
Miquella’s Great Rune
Metyr, Mother of FingersCathedral of Manus Metyr in Scadu AltusRemembrance of the Mother of Fingers
Midra, Lord of Frenzied FlameMidra’s Manse in Abyssal WoodsRemembrance of the Lord of Frenzied Flame
Radahn, Consort of MiquellaEnir-llimRemembrance of a God and a Lord

Now that you know all of the bosses in encounter order for the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, you’ll be able to fulfill a mighty milestone. Good luck!

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