How many companions can you have at once in Starfield?

How Many Companions Can You Have At Once In Starfield
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Hopping between star systems and exploring planets doesn’t have to be so lonely. Sure, you’re free to do everything in Starfield all by yourself, but what if you want company? Luckily, Starfield has plenty of NPC companions you can recruit, and even bring alongside you for practically any quest. But what if you want to make it a party? We’ll answer below how many companions you can have at once in Starfield.

Starfield: How many companions can follow you at once?

As much as there are many Starfield companions to choose from, you’ll need to make some wise decisions. Unfortunately, you can only have one companion with you at a time in Starfield. Although, there are certain specific situations where this doesn’t apply.

When I’m talking about a companion being with you, I don’t mean how many crew members you can have. If you check your crew from your ship menu, you can see a list of individuals who you can assign to different things. Some can accompany you on your main ship, while you can assign others to any outpost you have. Ships and outposts have limited amounts of crew that can hold them.

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How Many Companions Can You Have At Once In Starfield Npc Crew

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Otherwise, you can only have one companion following you at a time. To do this, chat with any of the possible companions (typically Constellation members), and ask them to head out with you. They will become your active companion, and you can only have one. The only situation where this doesn’t apply is if you have another NPC following you during a quest.

For example, I was doing a quest with a Constellation member. But because the NPC was following me due to a quest, I could still bring along a follower companion. So technically I had two members of Constellation as companions, but it was only temporary.

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