How many games did you buy in the Steam Summer Sale? Add your numbers

steam summer sale paysafecard

Did you splash out in the Steam Summer Sale? How many games did you snap up?

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The Steam sales excite PC gamers, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick up a few bargains on games that may have passed you buy or were just a little too pricey at the time of release.

It’s worth noting that a rather hefty 26% of Steam users  never play games they purchase and events like the Steam sales will be one of the reasons behind this high number. With the concurrent user record being smashed thanks to the Steam Summer sale it’s an indication that this sales was bigger than ever.

All us here at IncGamers have vast Steam Libraries, especially Tim who owns just about everything ever released on Steam, but we don’t always find the time to play everything. We’re just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to looking for a bargain and then not actually playing the game.

So how many games did you actually purchase over the past week? Add your numbers in the poll.

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