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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is one of those games that feels incredibly short when you’re having fun, or super lengthy when you’ve run up against the latest roadblock. That’s the kind of dynamic that can cause a person to wonder how much longer they need to play to reach the closing credits. Answers to such questions can prove elusive, however. Here’s the information you need about how many parts are in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long – How many parts are there?

Some games use chapters, others go with episodes. In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the developers went with “parts.”

There are seven parts in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. These parts are typically divided into multiple stages known as ‘main battlefields’ and ‘sub battlefields.’ To get to the end of your journey, you’ll need to clear all main battlefields. There also is an ‘Other’ portion of the game, but it only includes sub battlefields and tutorials that don’t directly advance the plot.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Travel Selections Part 7

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There are 16 main battlefields in the game and 30 sub battlefields. Part 7 contains a single main battlefield. Once you clear it, the closing credits roll. However, you should definitely spend time exploring the sub battlefields ahead of that point. They fill in background details for the support characters. They also provide easy access to additional equipment and useful upgrades to your Divine Beasts and Dragon’s Cure Pot. To find the various cicada shells, books, and other collectibles that lead to achievements, you must explore each of them carefully.

After you beat the game, you’ll unlock the ‘Rising Dragon’ difficulty and gain access to four additional sub battlefields. You also can find accessories and gear with 5-star rarity, which will prove useful as you tackle new challenges. Completing every objective the game offers is likely to take the better part of 60 hours, or even much more if you want it to.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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