Atomic Games president, Peter Tamte, has told IncGamers that dozens of members of the United States Marine Corps had influenced the way the controversial game would be told.Six Days in Fallujah was dropped this time last year after Konami, due to publish the title, decided it was better to stay away from any controversy surrounding the subject matter.  Fortunately Atomic Games found another publisher, although we still don’t know who it is.The idea of the game was always to tell the story of the soldiers, and Tamte told IncGamers that the stories and experiences of the soldiers had shaped the game into a melting pot of different genres.”There are aspects of the survival horror genre that formed the interior combat of the game. The things like the pacing for example, and the uses of surprises, et cetera,” said Tamte.”The idea actually came from the marines themselves. We had a number of marines, when the got back from Fallujah, told us that going through these darkened buildings inside Fallujah reminded them of playing a survival horror game. So we’ve worked off that and expanded on that and expanded on that to say that there are aspects of the survivor horror game experience that applied to it.”Tamte was quick to reiterate that the game wasn’t just a “survival horror game because there are so many aspects of the survival horror genre[…]which this game is not about.”The relationship between the marines and videogames is clear, Tamte says. Because the marines consume videogames as their means of entertainment, Tamte says it easier to interpret some of the feelings they had while on the front line.”These guys play videogames. They spend more time playing video games than watching films, and they play videogames when they’re deployed in the field. So I think it’s very natural for them to compare their experiences in real life with their experiences playing videogames.”We’ll have more from Peter Tamte throughout the week, and we’ll also have some exciting Six Days in Fallujah news on our IncGamers Podcast this week. It’s our 50th show, don’t you know…

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