How To Access And Activate Rift Anchors Once Human
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How to access Rift Anchors in Once Human

Why is the Rift Anchor unavailable?

You may have encountered a Rift Anchor in Once Human, just to get notified that you cannot access it. We have the solution for you in this guide as it will explain how to access Rift Anchors in Once Human.

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Once Human: How to access and activate Rift Anchors

To gain access to Rift Anchors in Once Human, you have to naturally progress the main story of the game. More specifically, unlocking Rift Anchors boils down to defeating certain bosses within the Monolith. To actually activate the Rift Anchor, players must find the region’s Realm Coordinate Segment which sometimes can be dropped by elite enemies or found within rare chests.

Once you have progressed through the main quest, defeated the main boss connected to the Rift Anchor, and collected the Realm Coordinate Segment, you will be able to use the Rift Anchor.

Realm Coordinate Segment Rift Anchor. How to activate Rift Anchors
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Once you reach a Rift Anchor in Once Human, interact with it and head into the Specials tab in your inventory. Lastly, select the Realm Coordinate Segment and drag it to add to the Rift Anchor. Congratulations, you have successfully accessed and activated a Rift Anchor in Once Human.

What are Rift Anchors in Once Human?

What do Rift Anchors do in Once Human?
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Activating Rift Anchors in Once Human will allow the player to access the Rift Entities found within the Monolith. When you activate enough Rift Anchors, you will have the opportunity to step inside the Rift Anchor and challenge the Entity connected to it. Defeating the Entity will earn you valuable rewards for your efforts.

Sometimes your objective during quests, especially exploration quests, will be to activate a Rift Anchor along with other tasks. Exploration quests will also task players with finding weapon and gear crates and opening a Mystical Crate in the area.

The good news is that Rift Anchors appear on your in-game map, making it easy to track them down when the time comes to activate them.

That’s all you need to know about Rift Anchors in Once Human. If you’re just starting out on your journey, make sure to check out our guide on the best locations to build in Once Human.

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