How To Access The Pvp Arena In Palworld
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How to access the PvP Arena in Palworld

To battle!

If you’re excited about playing in the PvP Arena in the Palworld Sakurajima update, you’ll want to know how to access it. The arena’s location isn’t glaringly obvious, so continue reading to find out where it is.

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Palworld: How to access and start the PvP Arena

You can access the PvP Arena in the northeastern corner of your map between the Dessicated Desert and Eastern Wild Island. The easiest access point to this Arena is from the Eastern Wild Island Fast Travel Point, which you’ll see on the map below.

How To Access The Pvp Arena In Palworld Map
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If you don’t have this area unlocked yet, you’ll need to do a bit of traveling. From your original spawn point, head northeast until you reach Marsh Island, and keep heading in that direction until you make it to Eastern Wild Island. Once you reach the Fast Travel Point, look over the vast ocean in the northeastern direction and you should spot a small island in between this island and the Dessicated Desert.

How To Access The Pvp Arena In Palworld Flying
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The only way to get here is either with a swimming or a flying Pal. I used Nitewing (after crafting a Nitewing Saddle) to fly over there since you won’t get far just by swimming. Once you reach the PvP Arena, you’ll only be able to enter the building if you’re in multiplayer.

Currently, the PvP Arena doesn’t support online multiplayer against players in other worlds, so you’ll only be able to play with your friends in the same world as you. Once you and a friend are on the Arena island, you’ll both need to walk up to the door to join the Arena. As soon as two players have joined, the Arena match will begin!

How To Access The Pvp Arena In Palworld Fight
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How the PvP Arena works is that you’ll choose three of your best Pals to fight against your friend’s three Pals. You’re allowed to mount one of your Pals in the Arena and control them, while the other two Pals will fight automatically alongside you. You win a match by defeating the other player and their Pals.

Make sure your Pals are leveled up and you have the right Pal Gear to win the fight. If they’re under-leveled, you can always get them some Training Manuals.

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