Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Like Father Like Son Aftermath
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In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the various sub battlefields give you access to side stories, equipment, and more. ‘The Tiger’s Loyal Subjects’ is one of the most important ones out of the lot, but it’s not immediately accessible. Here is our guide on how to access ‘The Tiger’s Loyal Subjects’ in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to access to The Tiger’s Loyal Subjects

Sub battlefields typically become available at set points as you progress through the campaign. You clear a main battlefield and new sub battlefields immediately become available. There are a few exceptions to that rule, however. One such exception is ‘The Tiger’s Loyal Subjects.’

To access ‘The Tiger’s Loyal Subjects’ sub battlefield, first clear the ‘Like Father, Like Son’ sub battlefield. It becomes available once you complete the ‘The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass’ main battlefield in Part 4 of the campaign.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tigers Loyal Subjects Battle

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Clearing ‘Like Father, Like Son’ requires you to face off against two powerful opponents. Initially, you fight Sun Ce by himself. Once you drain his life meter about halfway, his father joins the brawl. Two opponents at once is a challenge, especially if they back you into a corner. Try to deal with one of them at a time when possible. Finish off Sun Ce first and then face Sun Jian without the distraction. It’s much easier to deflect critical blows that way.

Once you access ‘The Tiger’s Loyal Subjects,’ you’ll face three opponents at once. Luckily, they seem to be weaker as individuals. You should do well so long as you dodge projectiles (and use the architecture to your advantage). Focus on one of them at a time. Use quicker weapons and attacks, rather than martial arts with a long wind-up animation.

Clear ‘The Tiger’s Loyal Subjects’ to gain Han Dang as an ally.  You can then call him to aid you through the Reinforcements option available at most battle flags. When you max your bond with him, you receive the Dauntless Tiger Servant set.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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