How to acquire the best fish in Like a Dragon: Ishin – Fishing minigame

How to acquire the best fish in Like a Dragon: Ishin - Fishing minigame Fish Market

In Like a Dragon: Ishin, you can go fishing to kill some time between all the bloodshed. Your efforts will reward you with ingredients you can use to meet certain objectives. Not all fish are created equal, however. Here’s our guide on how to acquire the best fish in Like a Dragon: Ishin – via the fishing minigame.

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Acquire the best fish in Like a Dragon: Ishin with its fishing minigame

You require excellent fish to complete ‘The Hungry Cat’ substory. You also need it to make advanced recipes at the villa. However, while the Fish Market carries a decent variety of fish that you can purchase outright, there are some varieties the man doesn’t sell.

The way to acquire the best fish in Like a Dragon: Ishin is to catch them yourself by going fishing. You can head to any of several available fishing spots, each with its own variety of local fish. Then you can start fishing, without even needing bait. If you don’t find a lot of fish in the area, then you can throw some bait on the water to temporarily increase the volume (though not really the quality) of marine life. You can acquire Bait for 500 mon and Quality Bait for 1,000 mon at the Ichikura General Goods shop along the west side of Fushimi Ichibangai. The Ebisu Pawn Rakunai shop sells Special Bait for 2,000 mon and Top-grade Bait for 5,000 mon.

Like A Dragon Fishing Bluefin Tuna

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You will find most fishing spots along the docks near Teradaya. There are options for both river fishing and sea fishing. River fishing is also available from the southern shore of Mukurogai. That’s all well and good, but most of the fish you find swimming in rivers are common. You’ll only find the best fish while sea fishing.

When you first start fishing in any location, you will see several fish swimming around an area. Indicate where to throw your line, then cast and wait. As fish approach and become intrigued by what you’re doing, they turn red. When this happens, wait until they bite at your line. If you are playing with a controller, it should vibrate when the hook is set. Then you simply have to press the button quickly to reel in your catch.

Like A Dragon Fishing Gear Peerless Pole

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If you’re having trouble catching good fish, remember that you can exchange Virtue at a temple to acquire better poles. The final upgrade, which grants expertise with the Peerless Pole, costs 4,000 Virtue. You will need to make that investment in order to be able to cast your line far enough to reliably reach Bluefin Tuna. Don’t forget to equip it by going through your “Tackle” options as you start fishing. Also, remain patient. Even with the right gear and lots of bait, the finest tuna is uncommon.

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