How To Beat Saya And Selyne In Palworld
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How to beat Saya and Selyne in Palworld

The Moonflower Tower boss.

The new Tower Bosses in the Palworld Sakurajima update are Saya and Selyne, but how can you defeat them for yourself? Here are some tips to help you beat Saya and Selyne.

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Palworld: How to beat Saya and Selyne

At Moonflower Tower on Sakurajima, you’ll find Saya and Selyne as a high-level Tower Boss. This is officially the toughest Tower Boss to tackle in Palworld, so be prepared for the biggest battle yet. You can beat Saya and Selyne in Palworld with Dragon Pals at level 50 or higher.

Best Pal type and level

How To Beat Saya And Selyne In Palworld Jetragon
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Since Saya’s Pal Zelyne is Dark type, you’ll want to target its weakness to Dragon-type Pals. I’d try to have the majority of your Pals be Dragon type, and ensure that there are no Neutral-type Pals in your party since Neutral is weak to Dark. Here are some recommended Dragon-type Pals:

  • Astegon
  • Quivern
  • Jetragon
  • Jormuntide

You should also make sure your Pals are above level 50, perhaps even level 55. You will have a tough time surviving this fight if your Pals are below level 50, so don’t even attempt to fight this boss without level 50-55 Pals.

Best weapons and armor

Palworld Sakurajima How To Get All New Weapons And Armor
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Other than your Pals, you should make sure you’re prepared as well with the best type of gear. At this point, you should only be fighting Saya and Selyne with Legendary-level weapons and armor:

  • Best Legendary weapons:
    • Legendary Musket: 2,000 DMG
    • Legendary Single-shot Rifle: 2,310 DMG
    • Legendary Rocket Launcher: 14,000 DMG
  • Best Legendary armor:
    • Ultra Shield: 1520 Shield DEF
    • Legendary Pal Metal Helmet: 560 HP, 240 DEF
    • Legendary Cold/Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor: 1200 HP, 400 DEF

For weapons, you could go for the Legendary Musket or Single-shot Rifle which both do around 2,000 damage. If you want a much larger boost in damage, go for the Legendary Rocket Launcher which you can craft in a Weapon Assembly Line II after getting the schematics for it once you defeat the Jetragon Alpha Pal.

When it comes to armor, the best you can get right now is the Legendary Pal Metal Helmet and either the Legendary Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor or its Heat version. The only difference between the two is you get Level 2 resistance to either Cold or Heat, depending on the armor you crafted. You should also ensure you equip an Ultra Shield for the best defense against protecting your HP from being damaged.

There are a few new weapons and armor from the Sakurajima update which actually outweigh the Legendary armor and weapons in some aspects. If you have the resources and can craft some of these items, here are the recommended weapons and armor from the latest update:

  • Best Sakurajima armor:
    • Lightweight Plasteel Armor: 1300 HP, 400 DEF
    • Plasteel Helmet: 600 HP, 260 DEF
  • Best Sakurajima weapons:
    • Guided Missile Launcher: 5900 DMG
    • Grenade Launcher: 3000 DMG

Best Saya and Selyne fight tactics

How To Beat Saya And Selyne In Palworld Tower Boss
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Once you get into the fight itself, you’ll be met with two difficult opponents who can dish out high-damage attacks. They’ll emit a purple AoE attack that starts small but enlarges to hit the majority of the arena, which you can dodge-roll over or jump to avoid.

While they may have a few attacks that you can avoid by hiding behind a pillar, the majority of them can pass right through the pillars. Don’t get caught behind a pillar just to be hit with an ability that phases right through it, try dodging the attacks no matter where you’re hiding.

There’s another AoE attack that hits a spherical area with whiteish-blue light. Once you see the circle appear, run out of its radius as soon as possible. This boss also has a few ice attacks, such as one that can rain down icicles and turn you into an ice cube. The key to avoiding this is to simply look at the sky and see where the icicles are planning to fall so you can dodge out of the way.

Check out YouTuber HeroVoltsy’s Palworld video where he cleared Saya and Selyne in his first try to gain some insight on the tactics you should use during this fight. Otherwise, once you defeat Saya and Selyne perhaps you’re prepared to take on the PvP Arena.

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