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Space is already quite terrifying, and Bethesda Softworks does a good job at making that quite evident in Starfield. Exploration into the unknown is nothing without the threats that lurk behind every corner. The worst part is that you’ll be dealing with most of these threats either outnumbered or worse — alone. Even while you prepare to go into deep space, understanding the dangers and preparing for them can help a lot. Out of all the enemies you’ll be facing in Starfield the one that sticks out and will leave you sweating are Terrormorphs. These strange alien creatures are a task to take down, however, this guild will show how to beat the Terrormorphs in Starfield. After, you’ll be able to sleep better knowing they’re not as much of a threat anymore. 

Starfield: How to beat Terrormorphs

The first thing to take in is preparing which plays a large role in how hard the fight can be. To start, try acquiring legendary or unique armor, you may take less damage when going up against the alien. Also, understand that you won’t have the same help as you did with the Grunt Work sidequest, so you’ll need to change tactics this time around. Let’s go over some steps that I’ve used, and trust me, it’ll make things much easier in the end. 

  • Stock up on ammo and have multiple weapons at the ready. You can go back and forth between the weapons outputting different degrees of damage. However, I don’t recommend using a melee-based weapon, you’ll get hit harder when in close combat.
  • Don’t confine yourself to a small area. Try to lure the Terrormorph out in the open, this way you’ll be able to distance yourself and dodge attacks easily.
  • Status effects go a long way when battling the creature. I advise getting a weapon that does radiation damage because it will hurt the Terrormorph over time. Finishing the fight as soon as you can is always the play when going up against this alien.
  • For mobility and to get out of range, it’s crucial to use the Jetpack you get. When it’s maxed out, you can climb very high with the Jetpack, which allows you to rain down fire from above. On the other hand, it seems like fighting in a low-gravity setting such as the moon can do the trick as well. 

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