The First Descendant Kill The Devourer Boss Guide
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How to beat the Devourer in The First Descendant

Only thing it's devouring is bullets.

Knowing how to beat the Devourer in The First Descendant is essential if you’re looking for a great Gold and XP farm. It can be a tricky fight, especially if you end up in the third stage of shielding. Here is how to get the better of the horrible beast.

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How to beat The Devourer easily

If you know how it’s done, there is actually a quick and easy way to defeat The Devourer and beat it before its third stage. It will take some coordination with your friends and a bit of accuracy. However, once you have it cracked, the Devourer becomes an excellent farm for gold and resources in The First Descendant.

First damage stage

The First Descendant The Devourer Boss
Image: YouTube SiahZ

This is where you unload on the Devourer. But be aware, there is no point using your heavy and special ammo weapons now. The Devourer actually doesn’t have a lot of health for The First Descendant bosses, so only use your regular ammo.

Do not start taking off the yellow weak points yet; save them for the next damage stage. Simply focus your fire on taking down the Devourers’ health. It will eventually reach the healing stage, which is where the teamwork really kicks in.

Devourer healing stage

The First Descendantthe Devourer
Image: YouTube SiahZ

This is the point where you have to coordinate. Each player needs to get to their own pylon. These pylons will very rapidly heal all the damage you have done in the first stage if not removed quickly. This is the point where you should be using your special and heavy ammo during the Devourer fight in The First Descendant.

There are several reasons you need to split up as a team to take down the pylons. The first is that if there are two of you on one pylon, the rate of airstrikes will be doubled. This makes it a lot harder to dodge them. The second reason is simply for speed. The pylons don’t have all that much health, so one person should be capable of destroying each.

Stay aware of the mortars. They can take down your health incredibly fast. Patience is key here. They will launch every seven seconds after the healing stage begins, and they have a huge area of effect. Don’t forget them, and stay out of their way. Don’t rush the Devourers’ healing stage by trying to tank the mortars. Simply dodge roll in and out of the range.

Next Devourer damage stages

Now that you have figured out how to work past the shielding and healing stage, you can start working the cycle. I recommend taking in some anti-venom buffs to help with the various attacks. A heavy-damage character like Ajax or a dodging character like Bunny would be a good choice.

The problem most people have when trying to beat the Devourer in The First Descendant is rushing the kill. This boss has some very heavy attacks that can kill most players quickly. However, it also has very low health, so the temptation to just spray it and tank the attacks is there. This is not the way.

Prioritize avoiding damage as much as possible. The venom attacks will slowly whittle away your health. Keep dodging the attacks, and get your shots in when you can. Bear in mind the Devourer is vulnerable to Electric, so slot this into your weapons.

Once you have the Devourer down to about 20% health, move in with the weak spot damage. If you and your team have saved them until now, this should be enough to end the fight before yet another pylon heal stage. Grapple on, and take it down.

You’ll be struggling with the game if you’re experiencing lag, so you should probably sort out your settings in The First Descendant before you try this fight.

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