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How to beat the Stunning Beauty in The First Descendant

Not so stunning, now.

The Stunning Beauty is a level 22 Colossus that you’ll have to fight in The First Descendant. This foe has high health and pretty devastating attacks. Here’s how to beat it.

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Best level, weapons, and Descendant for the Stunning Beauty in The First Descendant

When going up against the Stunning Beauty in The First Descendant, you’ll need to make sure you’re bringing in the right Descendant and equipment for the fight.

I know you’ve only just unlocked Bunny and have likely leveled her up a lot, you’re better off not bringing her into the fight. This is because the Stunning Beauty is very resistant to Electric attacks, rendering her abilities useless.

This means that your starter Descendant will have to do, as you likely haven’t unlocked any other. And don’t worry about leveling them up to level 22 or above to match the boss, as honestly, it’s your weapon that will count the most. I managed to beat the boss with a level 11 Ajax, although he does have a super high defense value.

The First Descendant Ajax Weapons
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As long as the weapons you bring in are at least level 20, you’ll be good to go. I would suggest your most powerful Impact and High-Power Snipers, and then whatever you prefer to use for your tertiary weapon.

This weapon choice is because the Stunning Beauty has smaller weak points and destructible parts, meaning you’ll need to be more accurate with your shots, and you’ll need to make them count. Shotguns are a no-go for this fight.

The modules you pick for the fight aren’t really that important, to be frank, just choose the ones you think compliment your playstyle the best.

With your equipment good to go, you’ll be ready to face off against the Stunning Beauty.

Stunning Beauty weaknesses, resistances, and strategy

The Stunning Beauty will not hold any quarter, and you’ll find yourself being relentlessly hit with Electric attacks if you’re not careful. You’ll need to know its weaknesses and the right strategy if you want to win.

Stunning Beauty weaknesses and resistances

The First Descendant Stunning Beauty Weaknesses
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Here are the Stunning Beauty’s weakness and resistances:

  • Very resistant against Electric attacks.
  • Resistant against Fire attacks.
  • Isn’t resistant or strong against Ice attacks.
  • Is very weak against Toxic attacks.

This means that Bunny’s skills are useless against the Stunning Beauty, and Freya’s abilities are excellent against it. Although you’ve likely not unlocked Freya yet, so don’t worry about it.

Fighting the Stunning beauty

When fighting the Stunning Beauty, height and distance are key. Considering that she’s so tall, can teleport around, and has smaller weak points, you’ll need to be higher up and further away to keep an eye on it. This makes sniping off its destructible parts much easier, and means that it will target you less.

You do not want to be close to this creature, as it has a number of attacks that have shorter ranges. There are a couple of exceptions, however, so stay on your toes. If it looks at you or in your direction, it’ll likely follow its gaze with an attack.

Be careful, however, as it may teleport to your location, deleting the column you may be standing on. Don’t panic, just grapple hook onto the next one after making some distance.

Press Tab to use your Eclieve to highlight her destructible parts. Her shoulders and knees will be highlighted – concentrate all of your fire on those spots. They will deal more damage to her until they’re destroyed and can cause her to become stunned.

Stunning Beauty Destructible Part
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Her shoulders will highlight in yellow once enough damage is done. This will allow you to grapple onto her shoulders to destroy them with your bare hands. Just hold on when she shakes or you’ll be thrown off.

By keeping your distance and relentlessly shooting at her weak spots, you’ll find the Stunning Beauty to not be so challenging. There are a couple more things to know about, however.

Stunning Beauty’s invulnerable eye phase

Once you’ve taken half of her health away, the Stunning Beauty will become immune and will summon a giant eye. With this eye, it will target one player at a time (any player near them) and will smite them with lightning. Even through Ajax’s shields.

The First Descendant Giant Eye Stunning Beauty
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This attack is highly damaging. Your only hope if you’re targeted is to keep running and to keep trying to roll out of the way of the lightning strike. It shouldn’t target you for long.

Whilst you’re not being targeted, make sure to shoot the eye. This isn’t invulnerable and will be destroyed once it’s taken enough damage. Those who are being targeted should focus on moving, and those who aren’t should focus on shooting like never before.

Always take out the Kingfishers

The Stunning Beauty will summon some Kingfishers, an enemy, onto the stage to support her. These creatures are strange spikey and floating devices, and will stab you if you get too close.

I can’t count the amount of times I almost got downed thanks to me not paying attention to them. Once struck, you’ll be stunned for a moment. It’s incredibly annoying. So take one for the team and take them all out – you may save the whole operation because of it.

Always revive your teammates

Speaking of high damage, players will likely get downed during this fight. It’s crucial to make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your party at all times. You are only allowed three deaths between the whole party, so make sure to revive them immediately.

The First Descendant Stunning Beauty Electric
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Do not try to revive a player, however, if you’re being targeted by the lighting from the giant eye. You will simply make yourself and the other player easy targets.

Considering the amount of high-damage AoE attacks this Colossus makes, you may find that two Descendants are downed at the same time. It should be the mission of both Descendants to rescue your teammates — or at least just one of them if you can afford to lose one life.

Proceed with high caution — it may be worth one of you distracting the Stunning Beauty.

If you find yourself downed, crawl as far away from the Colossus as you can so your teammates can have an easier time reviving you.

Now that you have all the knowledge required for taking down the Stunning Beauty in The First Descendant, you can finally progress into Vespers, where you can finally unlock Freya.

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