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How to become a Bounty Hunter in Starfield

To get rich, you gotta get a little dirty first.

To get the full experience of Starfield, you should consider leaning into the role-playing aspect of the RPG. This way you’ll get a better connection to the world and the characters that make up Starfield. One way that I’ve found that gets you immersed in the game is becoming a Bounty Hunter.

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While you’re doing other people’s dirty work as a Bounty Hunter, you can explore the universe faster. Bounty Hunting is probably one of the more lucrative roles you can take. Aside from being able to explore the unknown better, it’s a great way to get rich fast. If you want to know how to become a Bounty Hunter in Starfield, well we got the answers for you below.

Starfield: How to become a Bounty Hunter

When starting Starfield, I picked Bounty Hunting as my background which is one of the best roles in the game. The reasoning is that it helps me fly better, which is something I do a lot in the game. However, according to Reddit, you don’t need to pick that background to be Bounty Hunter, so you can still play that role. There are a couple of ways to become a Bounty Hunter in Starfield, they are: 

  • Trackers Alliance: The most common and easiest way to become a Bounty Hunter is by speaking to an agent from the faction. They can be found almost anywhere in Starfield and stick out like a sore thumb. The missions you get from the Tracker Alliance are usually easy to do and give out various payouts. 
  • Missions Boards: This is another easy way to get Bounty Hunting under your belt. First, head to the Cheynenne System. If you’ve progressed enough in the story, you should be able to head there already. Once in the system, explore the area, the faction can be found on various ships, planets, and spaceports. Another spot to check out is the Hitching Post in Akila City. When you enter the city look right, the bar will be located there. These missions are more diverse and can be from taking a package to a location to dealing with a prisoner. However, they can be hard to do, but the harder missions have a higher payout. Just like all mission boards, this is a great way to farm credits and get rich quickly.

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