How to bond with Anna the Courtesan in Like a Dragon: Ishin

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Like a Dragon: Ishin contains numerous opportunities for quiet reflection and socializing, alongside the bloodier moments spent in battle. It also gives its hero a chance to get cozy with a woman named Anna who provides companionship in exchange for money. Here is our guide on how to bond with Anna the Courtesan in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin – Steps to bond with Anna the Courtesan

Anna works near the end of a winding alleyway in Gion, just south of the palanquin bearers. You must pay 1 ryo each time you wish to spend some time with her.

To bond with Anna the Courtesan, arrange a session and play several mini-games. As a session starts, you get to answer a question about how you have been doing. Then you decide how much to drink that day. Virtually any interaction provides a slight boost to your bond with Anna. Initially, the goal is to complete a series of three mini-games in succession. Failing a mini-game along the way ends the attempt prematurely.

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In the first mini-game, Sake Showdown, you compete with Anna to drink the most. As the cup raises and you start drinking, press the indicated buttons to tip it one way or the other. The meter seems to start by rushing liquid toward your mouth. This quickly causes you to drink too much. Start tapping the button that lowers it almost immediately. Then raise it toward your mouth at your own pace. Balance as necessary after that. You want to drink a lot in short order. Otherwise, Anna might sober up between rounds. Just don’t go overboard.

The second mini-game is Rock, Paper, Scissors. You must win against your opponent several times. Remember: rock beats scissors beat paper. You can fail a few times, but use your “Third Eye” ability to see what play Anna has planned and then counter accordingly. Make your play as late as possible. Anna may switch her move at the last second. Watch out for draws. You immediately have to make a second selection in that case.

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The final mini-game is a vertical shooter called Sensual Healing. You pilot a ship and blast aside various banners. They have the names of substories printed on them. Your goal is to land shots on the heart floating back and forth near the top of the screen. Hold the fire button to charge up shots. Charged shots eliminate banners and fills the meter most efficiently. You can also deploy a limited number of care bombs. They clear the screen of unwanted debris. Use them sparingly, strictly to avoid crashes. There are three rounds.

The first time you complete the last of the three mini-games, you unlock the ‘Like a Dragon in Heaven’ achievement. On subsequent visits, you can choose to play only one of the individual mini-games at a difficulty level of your choosing. Or you can play all three as “The Whole Package.” Playing several rounds of just the drinking game at Novice difficulty is the surest route to a full meter in short order.

Like a Dragon: Ishin can be purchased on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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