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How to build a Defensive Wall Gate in Sons of The Forest

Building a gate.

Whether you want a massive mansion filled to the brim with luxurious doodads, or just a small shelter to spend the night, building is a key part of Sons of the Forest. If you’re going to create large base to spend your days in, with a perimeter and different aspects to it, you’re probably going to need a wall to keep things safe. One of the walls you can make in Sons of the Forest is the Defensive Wall, which can hold enemies at bay. But how do you build a Defensive Wall Gate in Sons of the Forest? Because you’re going to need a door in and out. Here’s our guide on how to do so.

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Sons of the Forest – Building a Defensive Wall and then a Gate

To build a Defensive Wall Gate in Sons of the Forest, you first need to turn gathered logs in a Defensive Wall. You can do this by chopping down trees, then placing the logs upright on the ground. You can switch the orientation of the logs via the commands that pop up on the bottom of the screen as you place the first log. After you’ve done this, you’re going to need to take your axe to the top, and when you see the chopping lines for cutting the top into a spike, do that. Once you’ve done that to every log, you have yourself a Defensive Wall.

Sons Of The Forest Defensive Wall Gate

When you have a Defensive Wall, you’re going to need to go grab another log to make the Defensive Wall Gate. Once you’ve got your extra log, grab it, and walk up to your Defensive Wall in the position you’d like to put your gate. You should see a white checkered line going diagonally across the wall. If you do, put your log down there, and you have yourself a Defensive Wall Gate.

If you don’t see that yet, bear in mind there is a certain amount of logs you need to put down before you can make a gate inside the Defensive Wall. So, add a few more logs to the wall and you should be all set.

Sons of the Forest is available on Steam.

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