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How to build a shelter and heal in Aska

Don't try this at home.

If you start exploring the world in Aska, you will probably find out soon enough that eating food or consuming water will not do anything to heal the wounds you have received from wisps and wights. Well, this is easily fixed. Here is how to build a shelter and heal in Aska.

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Aksa: How to build a shelter and heal in Aska

As you can probably guess from the title of this guide, the secret to healing in Aska is to build a Shelter and then sleep inside it. While the shelter is the most basic form of housing accommodation in Aska, it does the job well of providing health regeneration in the early game.

You will be able to build this pretty early on, right after you build your campfire. That being said, the amount of materials you will need to build it will have you traveling around the area a bit, so let’s check out what you need to collect to heal from any sustained damage.

Aska Shelter Materials
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  • 3x Long Stick: Found by chopping down trees using an axe.
  • 2x Rope: Crafted by spending two pieces of fiber.
  • 8x Stick: Found in the ground or as a result of chopping long sticks.
  • 8x Bark: Found by chopping down trees using an axe.

What will probably set you back a bit are the long sticks. These will require you to craft a stone axe that you will use to chop down trees and then pick up the long sticks and carry them to the shelter building location.

Contrary to regular sticks, these long sticks won’t fit in your inventory for obvious reasons, so be sure to leave a marker on the point in the map where you originally chopped down the tree. Initially, you will only be able to chop down smaller trees due to tool limitations, so don’t worry if you can’t chop down the bigger ones just yet.

Apart from the stone axe, you will also need a wooden hoe to level the building land and a wooden hammer to build the shelter. Yeah, this game is adamant about wanting you to micromanage like there is no tomorrow. Here are the rest of the materials you will need to build your shelter:

Stone Axe1x Stone Blade: Crafted by spending two small stones.
1x Stick.
1x Rope.
Wooden Hammer2x Stick.
Wooden Hoe2x Stone Blade.
4X Stick.
Aska Shelter
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Once you have everything you need, just position your shelter where you like and follow the prompts to level the area, provide the materials, and build the shelter that either you or your villagers will need to recover from a day of survival. It is very simple indeed, but a very important part of Aska if you want to face harder foes and live to tell the tale.

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