How To Catch And Tame A Phoenix In Hogwarts Legacy featured

How to catch and tame a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy

This quest is for the bird. The singular, very fiery bird.

It’s the culmination of all the beast side quests in Hogwarts Legacy: finding and capturing a Phoenix to add to your Vivarium collection in the Room of Requirement. This quest goes further than all the ones before, requiring the player to clear a cavern in order to complete the objective. Grab your Wiggenwelds, combat-enhancing potions, and dangerous plants, it’s time to beat the poachers at their own game once more. Here’s how to catch and tame a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Catch and tame a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy – Quest unlock and start

The quest ‘Phoenix Rising’ becomes available from Deek after completing Niamh Fitzgerald’s trial. As always, talk to him in the Room of Requirement to begin the quest.

How To Catch And Tame A Phoenix In Hogwarts Legacy Deek

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Deek informs you of rumors that a Phoenix is in a den in the area and wants you to find it before poachers do. Note: this quest will have several rounds of combat, so be sure to stock up on combat supplies before you venture out.

The quest continues inside the Phoenix Mountain Den, found in the north edge of the Poidsear Coast area. Once you find it, enter to proceed.

Inside the Phoenix mountain den

Phoenix Cave Start

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Inside, your character will note the poachers are already here, observing a man-made barricade. Break it with a spell and proceed. Climb up the wooden ledge and then up the stone ledge, coming face to face with another stone ledge. Go to the right for a bag and some coins, then climb up the ledge.
You’ll encounter three poachers, all level 27, in a small clearing. There’s four different objects lying around the little space to fling at them with your ancient magic. Defeat them. There’s a spiderweb behind you in the room; burn it down with Confringo or Incendio and retrieve Horklump Juice and a bag.

There are two ways forward, one by breaking down a barrier and one by simply walking down the path. It doesn’t matter which you choose. There’s a bag hidden behind wood panels, more Horklump Juice, and another spiderweb you can burn away, but if you do so you must fight several level 22 venomous hatchlings on top of egg sacs filled with even more. For doing so, you’ll be rewarded with a chest.

Along the next route, there’s coin bags along the way behind another small wooden wall. You’ll end up crawling into a room with three more poachers to fight. One turns into a Wolf Animagus who reverts into a Poacher Animagus upon defeat with a full health bar. Make use of objects to fling around in the room, especially the red explosive barrel that can instakill most enemies. Defeating the animagus yields the gate key item, allowing you to proceed through the next door.

Phoenix Cave Room 4 Gate

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The mountain den – Part two

A cutscene plays and the Phoenix appears. Your character speculates it wants you to follow it, and further into the mountain you’ll go. Climb onto the platform using the ladder to your right and defeat the Poacher Stalker in the way without falling off. The way forward has a level three lock (you’ll need to have progressed the Demiguise quests for the maximum level of Alohomora to open it) with a chest behind it.

Phoenix Cave Bridge

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The path continues right. Jump across the bridge gap and climb the metal fence.

At the next fork, there’s another web you can burn to the right, or you can go up the path to proceed to the objective. To get to the web, you have to climb up the path and drop down to it from above. There’s a chest behind it, as well as a stone ledge behind you with bags and coins.

As you travel up this path, there’s another web to the left, but only Horklump Juice is behind it. You’ll come to a room with a ladder. Climb it and prepare for…

The mountain den – Part three: Everything attacks you, catch and tame a Phoenix

Phoenix Cave Spider Room

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This room has three Venomous Scurriers to attack you, followed by two more just up the path. Defeat them all and proceed to the next room, but saving before you enter is recommended. This is because a poacher pack ambushes you. There are a lot of items you can fling at them to make the fight easier, but it’s still likely to be an intense fight, and may very well need all the combat tools at your disposal.

After they’re gone, there’s a web to burn in the room for another chest. With that all finished, the way forward is past a wall of rocks in the east side of the room you’ll need to Confringo to travel past.

Phoenix Cave Poacher Ambush Room Clear Rocks

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Now you’ve reached the peak! The Phoenix lands nearby for you to approach. You won’t need Levioso or even to press the ‘F key’ multiple times; you can just walk right up to it and use the Nab-Sack. It will be captured immediately.

Phoenix Cave Mountain Peek Phoenix

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Proceed on out of the cave through the trail below you and Floo back to the Room of Requirement. A cutscene plays as the Phoenix flies around the room into a new Vivarium area.

After talking to Deek, your Phoenix is in the new mountainous Vivarium it flew into, safe and sound. Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a Phoenix!

Phoenix Vivarium

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