How to change outfits in Fire Emblem Engage

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Combatants are the heart of any army, and they need to look their best. That holds true especially in the world of strategy games. In Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll interact with a lot of memorable warriors who join your cause as you work to save the world from darkness. There’s no law saying they have to always look the same as they do when you meet them. Here’s our guide on how to change outfits in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to change outfits in Fire Emblem Engage

Initially, your characters have limited choices for outfits. That situation changes once you gain access to The Somniel after clearing the battle at the end of Chapter 3. The hub area doesn’t have a lot of attractions when you have your first chance to explore it. However, two shopkeepers are the first of your many eventual tenants.

One of the first shops you can access, located along the lower right edge of the plaza, is a store known as the Boutique. It sells new costumes your characters can then wear around The Somniel (any changes you make are not reflected during actual combat). To change outfits for your characters, simply buy them from the Boutique and equip them.

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Available costumes come with an associated cost in materials and typically (though not always) require you to invest some of your hard-earned gold. For instance, the Stark Set for Yunaka (pictured above) requires 20 iron, 3 steel, and 500 G to purchase. Some options require more precious material.

Characters have access to “Simple” swimwear sets with a low material cost, but which are otherwise free to acquire. Most other choices have a lot more material. Press Left or Right while browsing clothes to access a second tab that features masks and various eyewear.

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To change which costume a character is wearing, access the Change menu while visiting the Boutique. You will see a list of any outfits you currently own. Simply select the one you currently wish to equip. Your character can wear modified eyewear and garb at the same time.

Additional options become available regularly as players progress through the campaign. It’s worth checking in again after clearing each new battle.

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