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How to change your character, name, and cosmetics in The First Descendant

It's all about the drip.

The famous quote goes along the lines of “only two things in life are guaranteed: death and taxes”. Well, I would like to add another one to that list: paid-for cosmetics in free-to-play games. Here is how you can change your cosmetics, name, and more in The First Descendant.

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How to customize your character in The First Descendent

To change your character to make them uniquely yours in The First Descendant, you simply need to open up the Inventory tab by pressing “I” on your keyboard or the start button on the console. From here, you can select the Customize tab at the top of the screen and see the various cosmetics and more.

Cosmetics can be earned in a number of ways, ranging from Twitch Drops to in-game purchases. That is if you don’t run into a problem with your Twitch Drops.

How to change your name in The First Descendant

Change Cosmetics The First Descendant
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Here you can change everything from your weapon skins to the various armor pieces on your Descendant. Opening up the Customize tab in the Inventory tab gives you access to all the cosmetics. This is also where you change your name in The First Descendant.

How to change characters in The First Descendant

If you’re looking to change your Descendant in The First Descendant, it’s more of the same. Simply open the start menu with “I” or the start button. Here, you can navigate to Descendant on the top bar. In this menu, you will be able to see the various Descendants you have unlocked.

If you’re looking to unlock one in particular, you can select the unlock button, and it will tell you how much it will cost. The first one you will unlock will be Bunny, as she is a part of the core storyline. However, if you’re looking to get one of the others unlocked, like Ultimate Bunny, you can see the requirements here.

Ajax Character The Last Descendant change
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Other characters in The First Descendant can be unlocked quickly with the premium currency, of course, or through the various challenges in-game. Once you have unlocked them one way or another, they can be changed at will from this in-game The First Descendant menu.

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