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How to cheese the Witness encounter in Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge

If we keep this up, The Witness is gonna need more buttons.

The raid that came along with The Final Shape is one of the best in any Destiny 2 expansion ever. What makes it one of the best is the fact that every encounter requires a team of competent players who know what to do. If you don’t have that, here’s how to cheese the Witness encounter in Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge raid.

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Destiny 2 — A Guardian finds a way to cheese the Witness encounter in Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge

The race to World’s First for the Salvation’s Edge raid was one of the best races ever. You could tell that it was going to be a good race since it took teams a whole 7-8 hours to complete just the first encounter in the raid. For context, that’s about how long it took for the World’s First team to beat the last brand-new raid, Root of Nightmares.

How To Cheese The Witness Encounter In Destiny 2 Salvations Edge Glyphs
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Of course, there is the normal way to complete the entirety of Salvation’s Edge, but if you’re looking to optimize those runs or you need to complete the raid sooner rather than later, a fellow Guardian has found a way to expedite one of the phases in the last boss of the raid. This is your final SPOILER WARNING before talking about specific raid mechanics.

How to cheese the Witness encounter in Salvation’s Edge raid

For the 5th encounter of the raid, you must finally confront The Witness and take them down. The encounter starts with players running around shooting the floating hands that you’ve been dealing with the entire raid. Except this time, you’ll actually destroy them. Destroying them gives you the Glyphbreaker buff, allowing you to shoot one of the glyphs on The Witness’s chest.

You normally are only able to shoot one glyph before losing the buff and having to destroy another hand, however, a player by the name of Yuzu-uu on Reddit found a way to destroy more than one.

If you use an LMG while standing on the plate in front of The Witness (preferably an LMG that matches one of the current surges) and hold down the fire button while rapidly shooting in between two glyphs, the game should count both as destroyed after a few shots. This essentially allows you to have to deal with half as many hands in the encounter.

It’s not the most consistent method, but if you follow these guidelines and stand in the middle of the plate, you should be able to replicate this neat trick. Use this method while you can to try and defeat the Witness and earn that sweet raid loot.

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