How to complete all Magneto Quests in Fortnite
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How to complete all Magneto Quests in Fortnite

Yeah, Magneto Power is OP.

Magneto has made his long-awaited arrival into Fortnite and even comes with his own unique weapon. If you want a shot at unlocking him, let me show you how to complete every Magneto Quest.

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How to unlock Magneto in Fortnite

The Magneto quests all give a decent amount of XP, but the real reason you want to do them is to earn Magneto and his Wasteland variant skins. You can view your Magneto quest progression through his dedicated tab in the quest menu.

There are two pages of quests to complete if you want everything, so let me give you a hand, as a few of these tasks are pretty tricky! In this guide, I’ll explain every quest and all their rewards.

All Magneto page one quests in Fortnite

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I’ve already read multiple reports of players struggling with these quests, so let’s start with the toughest one first.

How to collect Magneto Power in Fortnite

  • Reward: Magneto’s Grasp Spray

Magneto Power is a surprisingly rare weapon with only a single guaranteed spawn point. You can get the Power from Magneto himself at Brawler’s Battleground, but there’s a problem.

Magneto only stocks a single Magneto Power, so you can’t buy it from him if you’re late. The weapon is only a Blue rarity, but I’ve yet to come across one in chests or as ground loot. I know they exist, as I’ve seen multiple players using Magneto Power simultaneously, but it’s an exceptionally rare drop.

If you’re a strong player, you can drop at the hottest POI on the map. Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed, as Magneto Power will show up in a chest eventually.

Visit Weapon X Lab

How to complete all Magneto Quests in Fortnite
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  • Reward: Knock, Knock, Clang Loading Screen.

The Magneto update has added a new unnamed POI south of Grand Glacier, and you must visit it to complete the first challenge. You can find the hideout in the location marked above.

If you’re attempting this challenge around the weekly reset, it’s an exceptionally hot POI. If you’re not the best in a gunfight, you can wait a few minutes before visiting the area, as it will be quieter.

Travel distance in the air with Magneto Power equipped

  • Reward: Magnetized Scrap Pickaxe

Magneto Power gives you floaty jumps and negates fall damage. All you need to do to complete the quest is jump around as you make your way across the map.

Hit vehicles using Magneto Power

  • Reward: Magneto Banner Icon

Hitting vehicles is arguably the most straightforward quest of the lot. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is moving. To complete the challenge, hit any Sports Car or SUV ten times with the basic Magneto Power attack.

All Magneto page two quests in Fortnite

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Eliminate Opponents with Magneto Power

  • Reward: Crushed GG Emoticon

This challenge can be tricky depending on who you encounter, but Magneto Power is a deadly weapon in Fortnite. I’ve found that the best strategy is to hold rocks in front of yourself to deflect gunfire and attack while your opponents reload.

If you’re doing this shortly after the weekly reset, most players don’t have a clue how Magneto Power works. Use that lack of knowledge to your advantage.

Block hits using Magneto Power

  • Reward: Magnetic Steps Glider

You’ll likely complete this quest while trying to eliminate players for the previous challenge. I lucked out and found a bot who would happily shoot at my rock shield all day.

Keep in mind that concentrated fire will break the rock shield, so you’re not invincible.

Configure Rift Beacons

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  • Reward: Magnetism Master Weapon Wrap

Magneto Power isn’t required for this quest, and you must visit three Beacons (pictured above).

I found the easiest way to complete this quest was with a car, and you can complete the challenge across multiple games.

Rift Locations
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The Rift Beacons don’t seem to serve any other purpose beyond this quest, and you can see their locations circled in the image above.

Damage opponents from one story above or higher

How to complete all Magneto Quests in Fortnite
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  • Reward: Disassemble Emote

This is an easy quest, although dealing the required 2000 damage will take a while. I recommend heading to your favorite POI and camping on the roofs. You can see enemies coming if you turn Visual Footsteps on, which speeds up the process.

While I’ve not completed this challenge yet, I’ll do this at Reckless Railways, as the station roof is a great vantage point. It’s also worth noting that you do not need to use Magneto Power to complete this quest. Any regular weapon will do, but something ranged like a Marksman or Sniper Rifle will work best.

Magneto Power is incredibly powerful, but I still think Nitro Fists have it beat for utility. Make sure to give them a go, as they are superb for end-game situations.

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