Coral Buddies Challenge Construction Site

Earlier in this Fortnite season, fans were introduced to coral buddies. These are blue jelly-like creatures that live on the coast of the map. Additionally, they can be found at mini construction sites. Currently, you may not know about this challenge as it does not appear anywhere in the game menus or challenge table. However, Fortnite’s secret coral buddies challenge can get you some easy Battle Pass XP upon completion.

The first part of the challenge requires you to teach the coral buddies stone crafting. You will be required to harvest 300 stone and deliver it to the coral buddies, who can be found on a small island in the B1 square of the map. There are many areas nearby where you can collect 300 stone, for example, at the nearby lighthouse. Also, you could land at Pleasant Park if you would prefer to equip yourself with weapons before visiting the coral buddies.

Fortnite Coral Buddies Location Map

Although the first stage of this sounds pretty simple, it can still be met with some frustration. This is because you may run in to aggressive enemy players, or the island may simply be in the storm since it is positioned near the outer boundary of the map.

Fortnite’s secret coral buddies are adorable and rewarding

Upon arrival on the island, the coral buddies can be found at a small construction site where the stone can be delivered. Following this, you will receive a total of 25,000 XP for your efforts.

Coral Buddies Challenge

Next, you are required to visit three different construction sites. Here you must use your pickaxe to construct the new buildings for the coral buddies. The first construction site can be found directly outside the lighthouse. The second is located opposite the lighthouse and is surrounded by rocks in the northern area of the C2 square. The final construction site is on the island near the giant shell, west of the whirlpool.

Fortnite Coral Buddies Location Map Part 2

Once you have hit all these areas with your pickaxe, you will be rewarded with another 25,000 XP. Depending on the storm circle, you may be able to complete both parts in one match. If not, the challenge can be completed across multiple matches.

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