How to complete The Frequently Lost Courier substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin

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Package delivery comes up more often than one might suppose in Like a Dragon: Ishin. While you’re busy delivering pain with your katana, there are a lot of parcels that need to make their way through the city. Mostly, that happens by way of courier. Sometimes, you pitch in and help the couriers who need a little assistance. Here is our guide on how to complete ‘The Frequently Lost Courier’ substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin – The Frequently Lost Courier substory

The Frequently Lost Courier is a young man who has set up his home base not far from Teradaya, in the southwest portion of the Shinmachi area. You can talk to him to provide him with directions for his current delivery. Then you can follow up a little later to offer the same assistance again.

To complete The Frequently Lost Courier substory, you will eventually need to deliver some packages yourself. This part of the process begins after the courier (barely) manages to deliver his first two packages.

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When you talk to the courier next, he will offer the first in a series of six delivery requests. The idea is that you deliver a package to the recipient described, then head back to the courier for your next assignment. In some cases, you may have to check in with the courier twice to keep things moving.

Package locations appear to be determined at random. You may even have to deliver to the same location more than once. Fortunately, the directions the courier provides are helpfully specific. Just head to the district and street named, then look for someone standing around with a speech bubble over their head. They usually make a comment related to a late package.

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Once the final package has been safely delivered, return to the courier for a scene that completes the Frequently Lost Courier substory of Like a Dragon: Ishin. You can continue delivering packages if you like, for extra compensation.

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