Fortnite Wolverine Challenges

The Nexus War is well underway, and so are the Fortnite Wolverine challenges. The first week of the Wolverine challenges required you to locate three mysterious claw marks around the Fortnite map. Now, the second installment of the Wolverine challenges requires you to locate the Wolverine loading screen. In addition, there are various awakening challenges to complete for each superhero, including Thor and Groot. The second Wolverine challenge requires you to visit one of the Quinjet sites on the map. Upon completion, you will be one step closer to acquiring the Wolverine skin.

Take a step closer towards unlocking the Wolverine skin

Although the Quinjet patrol sites change location with each match, they can be easily found. As soon as you enter the battle bus, you will see the Quinjets fly past you at great speed. When they touch the ground, they emit a noticeable blue smoke. You can either follow the blue smoke or pull up your map where you will see the jet icons and locations. It is important to note that lethal robots guard the sites, so you will want to gather some weapons first. Likewise, you could try your luck and run straight inside the jet. A clip was uploaded to Twitter showing how you can glide straight into the jet and collect the Wolverine loading screen.

Once you approach the Wolverine loading screen, ensure that you interact with it. Then, the second Fortnite Wolverine challenge will be marked as complete. As well as this, you will be able to equip the loading screen from your locker. The additional 25,000 XP is also useful in leveling up your Battle Pass. Moreover, this task will contribute to leveling up beyond the Battle Pass to unlock the superhero variant skins. This includes silver, gold, and holographic variants of each character.

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