How to complete The Sword Nut substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin

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In Like a Dragon: Ishin, you’ll become very familiar with a variety of swords. You have your reasons. Other characters have reasons, as well. One of them is a self-professed sword nut who wants you to show him any fancy blades you acquire. Here is our guide on how to complete The Sword Nut substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin – How to complete The Sword Nut substory

You will find the Sword Nut standing along a street in Rakugai, near the southern edge of Sannocho, opposite the Scarecrow Chateau building. When you approach, the strange man confesses to having a deep interest in swords. He likes what you’re carrying, and he wants to see more weapons.

To complete The Sword Nut substory, show the man the swords he asks you to bring. He presents a series of requests, and all you have to do is show him the swords he wants to see. They don’t even leave your inventory.

Like A Dragon Ishin Yaksha Blade Crafting

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The weapons the Sword Nut wishes to see, along with the crafting components required to make them, are listed immediately below:

  • Ebony Sword – Nameless Sword, Crooked Magnet, Iron Scrap (5)
  • Yaksha Blade – Ebony Sword, Picture of a Ghost, Metal Sheet (5)
  • Vulpecula – Handy Blade, Beautiful Leaf, Metal Sheet (5)
  • King of Beasts – Vulpecula, Emerald, Precious Steel (5)

One special note: producing the Yaksha Blade requires you to acquire the Picture of a Ghost crafting material. It’s not a common item, but you can obtain it from the Mysterious Merchant.

Like A Dragon Ishin Sword Nut Yaksha Blade

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When show the final finished sword to the Sword Nut, the substory is complete. The pleased man hands over his Tunasmith blade to reward you for your efforts.

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