How to craft Last Wish weapons in Destiny 2

Last Wish Craft Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has not stopped producing new and innovative weapons for its ever-expanding game. With every new season and special event, more are added to the arsenal, driving players to continue the fight. With Season of The Deep, we see the return of some classic, much-loved weapons. The Last Wish weapons were released alongside the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion back in 2018 and have now become available to craft once again. This is great news for anyone who missed out on them or just needs one or two more for the collection.

How to craft Last Wish weapons in Destiny 2

Note: It is necessary to have the Forsaken expansion to be able to craft Last Wish weapons in Destiny 2.

With the addition of The Witch Queen, weapon crafting became possible in Destiny 2. The crafting table allows players to take their weapon patterns and craft them, imbuing them with random rolls, better stats, and special perks. The weapon patterns can be collected through red border resonant weapons or through specific challenges.

The Season of The Deep has reintroduced a classic set of weapons to the game. The Last Wish weapons were originally associated with Forsaken, but now their weapon patterns can be earned, meaning the fan favorites can now be crafted at the table. Each week a new pattern will become available to be earned through Hawthorn’s challenges.

last wish weapon crafting destiny 2

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How to earn the weapon patterns

Each week a new weapon pattern will be available to earn from Hawthorn in the Tower. She is bringing back the much-loved Last Wish raid. To craft Last Wish weapons, you must visit Hawthorn, grab her pursuit, and complete every encounter in the raid.

On completion of every encounter in the raid, you will be awarded that week’s weapon pattern. This can then be taken to the crafting table on Mars and turned into the corresponding weapon. Personally, I’m looking to craft The Supremacy Last Wish weapon in Destiny 2. The Rapid-Fire Sniper rifle rains hell on any enemy unlucky enough to be in its sights. The huge impact and aim assist make it a formidable tool in any PvP game.

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