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How To Defeat The Queen Valheim dead

With the introduction of the Mistlands update comes the addition of another boss to defeat. With this boss guide, we will find out how to defeat The Queen in Valheim. She resides in an Infested Citadel, the holiest of the Infested Crypts. Finding her and opening up her lair may be one of the longest processes in the game, but it made the highly anticipated update well worth the wait.

How to locate The Queen

How To Deafeat The Queen Valheim gate

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First off, make sure you have defeated Yagluth, there is no point trying to skip bosses. After that, make your way to the Mistalands. It is advisable to have the Feather Cape and a Wisp companion here. You won’t be able to see your hand in front of your face without the Wisp, and you’re going to be dropping off a lot of ledges, so the reduced fall damage will keep you alive.

Like most other bosses, The Queen’s lair is located through Vegvisir Stones. These glowing red, rune-covered stones will mark her location on the map. These particular Vegvisir Stones are positioned inside Infested Mines, so be ready for a fight. While exploring the mines, keep an eye out for one of nine Sealbreaker shards — you’ll be needing all of those to access The Queen’s lair.

Once The Queen has been located, you’ll need to take the nine Sealbreaker Shards back to your base where you will hopefully already have a Galdr Table ready to construct the Sealbreaker. This will be used to open up the Citadel.

Locate The Queen on your map and make your way through the mist to her domain. Once you reach the gates of her base, use your newly constructed Sealbreaker to open the doors. Ensure you have everything you need to take on a boss. I recommend plenty of health and stamina foods and a bow.

How To Defeat The Queen Valheim sealbreaker

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How to defeat The Queen

This boss does not live alone. She is surrounded by many Seekers that you’ll have to hack and slash your way through before she finally reveals herself. She is a giant Seeker and isn’t happy that you’ve been turning her subjects into fish food. Prepare to battle; knowing her attacks will help defeat The Queen in Valheim.


  • Melee – Slash, Bite, and Stab. These close-range attacks all have significant knockback, and Bite also inflicts poison.
  • Burrow – The Queen disappears beneath the ground to reappear somewhere else in her base.
  • Spew – This inflicts physical and poison damage with the added effect of Slimed which will slow you down. These projectiles also explode spawning Seeker Broods for even more enemies to battle.
  • Roar – This cacophonous noise spawns Seekers from the walls.
  • Crawl – A fast-charging attack that finishes with a slash.


There are a number of ways to defeat The Queen in Valheim and most of them include not going it alone. As another tried and tested method, going in with a bow, preferably Draugr Fang, is recommended. This allows you to kite her around her lair, giving you time to kill her minions and focus fire on her from a distance. Remember, her close-range attacks are going to send you miles across her base, so keep a distance.

The Feather Cape is also a great addition to this battle. Her Citadel is built over many levels, so being able to run and drop without worrying is a huge advantage.

There is a chance to cheese this boss using the entrance. Her health will not completely restore on exiting the Citadel, so you can hang by the gates and pop out for a quick heal and breather before jumping back into the fray. This is dishonorable and will most likely get you a seat beside the noisy eater in the halls of Valhalla.

How To Defeat The Queen Valheim arrival

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On the defeat of The Queen in Valheim

Once this vile beast has been felled, you are rewarded with her head as a trophy to hang with the rest. Once her head has been hung, her power can be activated. The Queen’s power increases mining speed and Eitr regeneration.

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