How to earn and use Pony Points in Tears of the Kingdom

How To Earn And Use Pony Points Tears Of The Kingdom
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Although Tears of the Kingdom may look and play similar to Breath of the Wild, there are numerous differences and upgrades. One thing that has changed is the stables across Hyrule. Now in the sequel, they operate a Pony Points Program, which can give you plenty of useful rewards. If you’re wondering how to earn and use Pony Points in Tears of the Kingdom, you came to the right place.

Pony Points Program guide for Tears of the Kingdom

How To Earn And Use Pony Points Tears Of The Kingdom Card

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How to earn Pony Points in Tears of the Kingdom

The first time you visit a stable in Hyrule, talk to the clerk at the desk from the outside. If you remember from Breath of the Wild, the inside desk deals with lodging, while the outside desk deals with horse inquiries. Once you interact with them, they’ll give you a Pony Points Card to keep track of your Pony Points. Not only that, but they’ll start you off with one point. But how can you earn Pony Points in the first place?

  • Registering new horses – Each time you register a new horse with a stable, you receive one Pony Point
  • Finding new stables: Discovering any new stable will earn you one Pony Point
  • Lodging at stables – Sleeping at any stable will earn you one Pony Point
  • ‘The Incomplete Stable’ quest – Fix the stables at Lookout Landing to receive one Pony Point

This list may increase the further we explore Tears of the Kingdom. But for now, these are the ways you can earn yourself some Pony Points.

How to use Pony Points in Tears of the Kingdom

At certain Pony Point levels, you can earn yourself some rewards. These rewards revolve around the stables and the care of your horses. When I first started playing Tears of the Kingdom, I was confused as to where I can receive rewards from my Pony Points.

How To Earn And Use Pony Points Tears Of The Kingdom Ledger

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All you have to do is walk to the side of the counter with the Ledger. Interact with it, and you can see if you’re eligible for a reward. Here is the list of all the rewards we know so far that you can get.

Pony Point Amount Rewards
3 Towing Harness
5 Horse-God Fabric
7 Malanya Bed
10 Register additional horse
13 Traveler’s Saddle and Bridle
16 Mane Restyling Service
20 Register additional horse
23 Knight’s Saddle and Bridle
26 Extravagant Saddle and Bridle
30 Register additional horse
35 Register additional horse
40 50% off stable fees
45 5 Sleepover Tickets
50 3 Endura Carrots
55 5 Sleepover Tickets
60 3 Endura Carrots

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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