Clothlets are a resource that seems to be in very high demand in Ooblets. They have a variety of uses, for example, to complete challenges and repair a farmhouse. Therefore, it is important to have some with you at all times. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can acquire Clothlets and Clothplant seeds.

How to find Ooblets Clothlets in Badgetown

Along with many other resources, Clothlets can be found whilst exploring Badgetown. They look like a green lollipop icon, and all you have to do is approach it to collect it. However, Clothlets can take a considerable amount of time to respawn, so this method should not be relied upon.

Buy Clothlets

Perhaps the easiest way to get your hands on this material is by buying them. You can use Gummies to purchase them at the Wishie Well. Clothlets are priced at 10 Wishies each which is quite a considerable amount. If you are not willing to spend you hard earned Gummies here, you can plant your own seeds.

Clothplant Seed to grow clothlets

How to get Clothplant seeds

Firstly, you will need to have obtained a farmhouse which will allow you to start farming items. You can earn Clothplant seeds through weeding your farm. The thorny plants that overrun your farm can earn you some Clothplant seeds. It is important to note that not every weed will always give you seeds. However, it is still worth picking them. In addition, you can purchase some seeds at Meed’s Seeds. They are priced at 32 Gummies each, but there are also sales, so you should check back and see if you can strike a deal. Once you have acquired some seeds, you should plant and water them straight away. Clothplant seeds take a total of three days to grow, allowing for harvest on the fourth day.

You can use an Oobcoop to increase the growth of your nearby Clothplant seeds.

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