How to eliminate opponents using a weapon with a barrel mod in Fortnite
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How to eliminate opponents using a weapon with a barrel mod in Fortnite

How to fine-tune your arsenal.

Weapon modding is a little confusing in Fortnite, but it can usually be avoided. A Week 7 Challenge in Fortnite asks you to eliminate opponents using a weapon with a barrel mod, so let me show you what to do.

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How to use a barrel mod in Fortnite

There are several ways to obtain a barrel mod in Fortnite, but acquiring one in the wild is the easiest. Every weapon you find has a random selection of mods preinstalled. The rarer the gun, the more attachments it will have.

It’s worth noting that unique weapons like the Tow Hook Cannon and Magneto Power don’t have mods, regardless of rarity.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can quickly glance at the small boxes under the weapon’s ammo (pictured above) to see what’s installed. The rightmost square is the barrel, so you have a barrel mod if there’s a picture inside the box.

How to eliminate opponents using a weapon with a barrel mod in Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you want to take a closer look, you can inspect your weapons from your inventory, although I’d make sure the coast is clear before doing so. You can turn on Visual Footsteps to ensure your opponents can’t sneak up on you.

To complete the Week 7 Challenge, you must defeat ten opponents with a weapon with a barrel mod, which will happen naturally.

Can I change barrel mods in Fortnite?

You can change all weapon attachments, including barrel mods, in Weapon Bunkers scattered across the map. Oddly enough, the Bunkers aren’t open at the start of the match. You must wait until the first storm circle closes. Several Bunkers will open when this happens, and a loud siren will alert you if you’re near one.

I’ve noticed Bunkers usually attract decent players who want to use their favorite attachments. You can use the Bunkers before they show up or lie in wait for an easy kill.

Keep in mind that the mod bench in the Weapon Bunker costs gold to use, and you can spend a ton kitting out all of your guns. I recommend installing a barrel mod for the challenge, but Extended magazines are always worth the Gold.

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