How to emote while attached with a Tow Hook Cannon in Fortnite
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How to emote while attached with a Tow Hook Cannon in Fortnite

I didn't know you could do that either.

Many weekly challenges are pretty straightforward, but some are poorly explained, which makes them more complicated. If you’re struggling, here’s how to emote while attached with a Tow Hook Cannon in Fortnite.

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How to complete the Tow Hook Cannon challenge in Fortnite

Ultimately, the challenge is simple, but you must know how the Tow Hook Cannon works. If you shoot the Cannon at a vehicle, it will latch on, and you’ll be attached to it with a cable. In this state, you can bring up your emote wheel as usual and use any action to complete the challenge.

It’s important to remember that the Tow Hook Cannon will only attach to driveable vehicles, so it won’t stick to walls or structures.

The weekly challenge is harder than it needs to be, as it suggests you visit a specific spot on the map to complete it.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The quest marker tells you to land at a specific Gas Station (pictured above). I tore this place apart looking for a Tow Hook Cannon but couldn’t find anything of value. You need a car for the challenge, but you do not have to go to the location the quest tells you to visit.

There are tons of vehicles on the map this season. I recommend taking one and driving around looking for chests. If you’re struggling to find any loot, you can turn on visual footsteps to make it easier.

How to emote while attached with a Tow Hook Cannon in Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Tow Hook Cannon is only Blue (Rare) Rarity, so they are a random drop from any chest or as ground loot. Once you have the weapon, shoot any vehicle, emote, and enjoy the free XP.

Fortunately, the Tow Hook Cannon will still attach to empty vehicles, so you can complete the challenge solo.

Should I use the Tow Hook Cannon in Fortnite?

I play a decent mix of solos, trio, and squads, and I’ve yet to find a compelling use for the Tow Hook Cannon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to be driven around by your buddies. You’re just an easy target when everyone else is protected inside their cars.

If you insist on using the Tow Hook Cannon, do it for the laughs. You may want to swap it out if you reach the top 10. If you find yourself in an endgame situation, the Nitro Fists are still ridiculously powerful. I’d recommend those for your close-range arsenal if you can find some.

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