Should You Let Astarion Ascend In Baldurs Gate 3 Answered
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Baldur’s Gate 3: Cazador’s Palace guide

A tricky dungeon and boss to tackle.

If closing out Astarion’s storyline in Baldur’s Gate 3 interests you, you’ll need to confront Cazador. This is the vampire lord who controlled him for 200 years, and Astarion, your Rogue friend, now wants revenge. Once you make it to Act Three, you can find Cazador’s home in the Lower City. There are a lot of things to accomplish inside Cazador’s abode, so here’s a guide to Cazador’s Palace in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Cazador’s Palace guide in BG3

How to enter the Szarr Palace

How To Enter Cazadors Palace In Baldurs Gate 3 Tower

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Also known as the Szarr Palace, Cazador’s home residence is located in the Lower City right outside Baldur’s Gate. The entrance isn’t right in front of you, there’s a roundabout way to get there. How you enter Cazador’s Palace in Baldur’s Gate 3 is by climbing the tower right on the Lower City Central Wall waypoint.

After spawning at this teleport waypoint, head around to the front of the building. The waypoint is on the outside of the Central Watch Tower. Head inside, and climb the stairwell. Out the next door, turn right, and enter the Szarr Palace South Tower.

How To Enter Cazadors Palace In Baldurs Gate 3 Merony

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Proceed through the door, climb up the ladder, and you’ll spot some guards. One of the guards, Merony, will ask that you leave, since you’re encroaching upon Cazador’s abode. Either make an Intimidation or Deception check to get past them without issue. Choose which option you’ll most likely succeed at, and if you beat the high DC, they’ll let you by with a Key to Ramparts Door.

How To Enter Cazadors Palace In Baldurs Gate 3 Szarr

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Follow through upstairs, and you’ll reach the Upper Tower door. Through that door is another set of stairs, which you need to climb to get through another door. Finally, walk north, then take a left turn to find the entrance to the Szarr Palace. That’s all it takes to enter Cazador’s Palace!

Baldurs Gate 3 How To Unlock The Sinister Door In Cazadors Palace

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How to unlock the Sinister Door in BG3

Once inside, there’s another large set of locked doors. This time, you can’t just use Thieves’ Tools to get through. If you want to know how to unlock the Sinister Door, we have a guide on that. It essentially takes you through the many rooms in the palace in search of two items: the Szarr Family Ring and the Kozakuran Dictionary.

Here, you’ll meet Godey, a skeleton that used to know Astarion. You’ll also start to learn a lot more about how Astarion was treated, and how bad his life was here as a vampire spawn. Once you make it through the Sinister Door, you’re one step closer to facing Cazador.

cazador vampire

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Cazador boss fight guide

If you’re wondering how to beat Cazador Szarr, our guide goes pretty in-depth into some helpful tips. Sure, you can cheese it by polymorphing him before the fight, or even casting Daylight, which harms vampires. But the guide has a lot more information on this difficult battle.

Cazador isn’t alone and has plenty of bats, fallen Gur hunters, and a spellcaster at his side. I recommend using AoE spells, and of course, you should save Astarion from the ritual before it can complete.

Should You Let Astarion Ascend In Baldurs Gate 3 Answered Vampire

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Should you let Astarion ascend in BG3?

After finally taking down Cazador, Astarion has a difficult decision to make. Should Astarion ascend and sacrifice thousands of vampire spawn, or should he kill Cazador and end the ritual? That’s a choice you need to make, but we can help guide you through this decision. There are a few different endings for Astarion’s story depending on what you say and what rolls you make.

Baldurs Gate 3 Cazadors Palace Guide

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Kill or release the vampire spawn in BG3?

There’s actually one more decision you need to make. This only happens if you don’t have Astarion ascend, and you need to figure out what to do with the thousands of trapped spawn. Either you can kill them out of mercy, or release them to give them a second chance. You can also decide not to do anything, and to let them be.

If Astarion kills them, he will regret this decision later on. But if you decide to release them, the Gur hunters on your tail will initially be upset. They won’t attack you, though, as they realize you also freed the trapped children they were looking for.

If you choose not to do anything with the trapped spawn, they’ll be upset, but Astarion will simply break Cazador’s staff and leave them be. Overall, it seems the best decision is to release the vampire spawn. You’re giving them a chance to live, and it seems everyone is content with this decision.

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