How To Change Emotes Blade Ball
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How to equip, change, and use emotes in Roblox Blade Ball

Styling it out.

Roblox emotes in Blade Ball are the best way to give yourself a little personality, so knowing how to change, equip, and use them is pretty important. Here is how you can style it out with emotes in Blade Ball. These can be earned or gained through a battle pass.

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How to equip and change emotes in Blade Ball

Changing and equipping your emotes in Blade Ball is as simple as holding down the R button and selecting the pencil icon at the bottom of the wheel. This grey icon can be easy to miss, but it is right by the red Close button.

Emotes Blade Ball
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Click this icon, and you can select the emote you would like to change in Blade Ball. Once you have selected the change icon, you will see all the various emotes you have unlocked. Click the one you would like to get rid of and then the one you would like to change it to in Blade Ball.

How to use emotes in Blade Ball

You can use your emotes in Blade Ball by simply holding down the R button and selecting which emote you would like to do. Use the emote wheel to highlight the one you want to use, and then release.

Now, whenever you tap the R button, you will use this emote until you change the selected emote. To change the action of the R button tap, simply choose a new emote from the Blade Ball wheel.

How to get more emotes

There are a few ways you can get a couple of new emotes to use in Blade Ball. The easiest is definitely using the AFK server to simply earn them while you do something else. Head over to the AFK mode in the main hub area and just wait in there to periodically receive new emotes. You can raise your chances of getting better ones by spending the gold you have earned on higher luck chances.

Earn Emotes In Blade Ball
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They can also be found in crates and by completing the daily challenges in-game. There are many to choose from, so get grinding. If you’re over Blade Ball, it’s always worth checking out a few other comedy games out there.

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